My Week #47 – Sunshine, DIY’s and Healthy Eating

*Chilli Stuffed Sweet Potatoes & Salad *Finally got my bookcase!

*Blossoms *The next DIY project

I finally got my bookcase!

Thanks to some one of my lovely friends and their mum with a van I got my bookcase last Saturday! So happy. I had it up in a couple of hours and am just about finished moving everything back in the office. So stay tuned for the grand reveal this week!

Here’s a little sneak peek of my new desk.
my week #47 - my desk

I lost 2 and a half pounds at Slimming World!

I’ve been saying I was getting my act together and this past week I did it. I was actually 100% on plan the whole week (including having a carvery) and it paid off. I’m 1 pound away from where I was a few weeks ago and 1 and a half pounds away from my lightest in this group. Woo hoo! I’m hoping for good results this coming week but we’ll see. It is Easter after all!

 I went leafleting with Slimming World

My consultant asked for volunteers a couple of weeks ago with payment of a free carvery. Being helpful, exercising and free food? How could I say no? It was a glorious day in terms of sunshine and I did over 12,000 steps that day.

Where has the sun gone?

Feeling a bit bad for the regular office workers with their bank holiday weekend plans – it’s going to rain all weekend here! Ah well, Britain, right? Since I’m a freelancer and didn’t really give it much thought, I haven’t got any plans for the long weekend. I’ll be working today and Monday and Topher is working over the weekend too so there’s no rest for the wicked!

Wedding preparations are going well

Topher did a guest post for me this week about things from his point of view. Also, one of the bridesmaid dresses arrived! Yay! But the place took so long in sending it, I can’t order the other one from there because there’s no time. Boo! So on the lookout for a dressmaker. Everything will be fine.

And I’m taking flower making seriously now. Getting a few done a day and got annoyed when I ran out of yellow tissue paper and they were all out at Hobbycraft. Damn you Easter. Ah well, I’ll go back next week! For now, I’m just filling a box of pink flower heads. Onwards and upwards.

How was your week?

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