Welcome to Jordan

When my alarm woke me at 5am on Saturday I covered my head with my duvet. Why oh why did I stay out late last night? It was one of the girls at work’s leaving party and I had promised myself I would leave at 10pm. Latest. You have a flight to catch in the morning Diane, you’re being picked up at 6am and still need to wrestle your evening dresses into your overflowing suitcase. I blame the person who bought another bottle of champagne. 

So was it worth it? Totally. I had a great time and still successfully caught my flight that morning.Win.

I have been coming to Jordan every summer to visit my family since before I can remember and apparently it’s been over 20 years since we last came in the month of April. I couldn’t believe my eyes as we drove out of the airport. So green!


That evening, loads of the family came round and we had mezze. Damn I missed this food!


The next day, we headed out and I spotted these beauties along our travels!





Welcome to Amman, Jordan.
Have you ever been?

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    1. Thanks! I’m not too surprised about people not going outside the US as it’s so big and there’s so much to see 🙂 One day I’m going to drive across it! x

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