Well that was interesting…

It has been just a little over a week but my oh my how things have changed. Where to begin? Well, right now I’m sitting in a Travelodge in London. And I’m not here to visit. I live in London now. 


As you may know, I went to London  a couple of weeks ago for a day trip. The reason for this was that I had a job interview. Which last Tuesday I found out that I got! Yay! And it started on the following Monday….wow!
So since then, I packed up, chucked everything including Woy (my car) into my parents garage and set off for the capital. Yes that’s right, I’ve moved in less than a week to a city where I have nowhere to live and I know no one! Scaaary.
I started work yesterday and have found somewhere to move to in a couple of weeks. Plus, the bf will be joining me when our flat becomes available. So for now, I’m alone in a Travelodge, ha ha. Not bad at all really, just finding things for my tea is a challenge. What can you do with a kettle? I currently have a bag of noodle pots. Those may get old quick. Any other ideas?
Plus, I just realised I’m here alone at the weekend. Londoners: where’s decent to go in the city? I might have a wander. 
Hope everyone’s enjoying the lovely weather! Ignoring the spots of rain of course 🙂

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