#19 for 2019 – How did I do?

#19 for 2019 – How did I do?
#19 for 2019 – How did I do?

So it’s almost the end of 2019 and I want to look back at the year as I usually do around this time. Instead of resolutions or goals I wanted to try out something I heard about on a podcast. See my original post for the full story.

Basically I wanted to try and achieve 19 things for 2019. I’ll cut to the chase and let you know how I did:

  1. Go trampolining with mum – DONE
  2. Get to target at Slimming World (the happy weight not the super skinny one) – Nowhere near. My motivation has really not been on my side this year so I can only hope and try my best for 2020.
  3. Finish Florida 2015 scrapbook. Yes you read that right and no I haven’t finished it yet! – DONE – check it out here
  4. Make and finish wedding & honeymoon scrapbook – I started this but quickly realised that it would have to be split into multiple books since I was only using a small one. Therefore I asked for a big one for Christmas. Topher got me one so that’s on my list for 2020. No excuses now.
  5. Finish Tangled jigsaw – DONE
  6. Visit York – DONE– Topher and I visited for our 2 year wedding anniversary
  7. Make 5 recipes from Mowgli cook book I got for my birthday this year – as of the end of today I would have made exactly 1 recipe. Which is better than none at all. Hoping to make some more next year now that I’ve cracked the book open.
  8. Get a denim jacket and sew my patch collection onto it – DONE
  9. Vlog Japan – Currently I just do musical roundups of trips. I partly attempted to vlog our honeymoon but kept chickening out. This time I want to go for it. – DONE – check out my vlogs here. I think we’ve caught the vlogging bug!
  10. Put up a towel rail and fix the towel hook in our ensuite. A niggly job that I’ve been putting off! – Half done. The towel hook is done, the rail is not yet and I don’t think it will be happening until I get the room painted.
  11. See something at the theatre – DONE – We saw The Book of Mormon
  12. Archive and organise my mountain of paperwork – DONE – so much shredding!
  13. Scrapbook and organise the giant box of sentimental bits and bobs I’ve accumulated over the years. – not even a little bit. The box I keep it all in is ginormous so I think I’ll get my smaller scrapbooks done first.
  14. Take the tape off the walls, polyfill the holes and touch up the paint in the living room. I can finally call the room finished when I’ve done that! – Not yet though I did put up frames and make a gallery wall as well as a shelf so the room looks a lot more done now.
  15. Do a 30 day yoga challenge. Long time readers will know my back/arm/repetitive strain issues so I want to see if yoga will help at all. I’m not doing the gym any more so need to do some kind of activity – DONE
  16. Finally do indoor skydiving – this has been on my list for years – Not yet and I wasn’t even sure if I still wanted to do it a couple of months ago. That changed this month when I saw some friends of mine go and the photos look cool. Maybe one for 2020.
  17. Get a savings app to track my spending better – Nope, though I am looking at doing a paper budgeting system that will track my spending for 2020 so watch this space.
  18. Rejig blog layout and transfer photos to new storage platform. I’m currently with Flickr and with all the new changes, I have just over a month to get all my 7 years of photos off there. A huge job! DONE
  19. Open a new savings account and actually have something in there at the end of the year. – DONE – there’s not a lot in there but it’s something which is all that matters.

11 and a half out of 19. Not bad at all considering some of these were mammoth tasks and this hasn’t exactly been a productive year for me.

As much as I enjoyed this, I think I’ll go back to doing goals for 2020 as I feel like it’s something that feels right for this year.

Have you ever tried doing a list like this instead of resolutions?

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