365 Project: December edition of Taking a Photo Everyday

365 Project: December edition of Taking a Photo Everyday

It’s time for the final instalment of the 365 project. I can’t believe I managed to complete it! This is a big thing for me. I’m kind of a serial quitter. 

 1st: Christmas decs up, 2nd: My winning streak continues, 3rd: New board game, 4th: Lush!
5th: Doodles for new banner, 6th: Kopparberg spiced apple, 7th: Baking, 8th: Gingerbread house,
9th: Tree at work, 10th: Pre-holiday purchases, 11th: Dinner out, 12th: Desk at work,
13th: Hot chocolate, 14th: Cats, 15th: Topher liked his birthday present, 16th: Lush bath bomb,
17th: More baking, 18th: Bowling, 19th: Work do, 20th: Duvet day,
21st: Another Lush bath, 22nd: Glitter nails, 23rd: New 2015 diary, 24th: Silly texts,
25th: Christmas dinner, 26th: Holiday time, 27th: Butter flavoured syrup – USA!, 28th: Disney’s boardwalk,
29th: Magic Kingdom, 30th: Sweet Tomatoes, 31st: New Year at Hollywood Studios

This was a fun challenge that I did enjoy but sometimes it’s hard to get a picture if you didn’t do anything that day! I don’t think I’ll be doing this again for 2015 as it’s too much pressure. I’ll just take photos at my leisure this year. 

Have you ever done a 365 project? 

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