A tale of three cities: I moved twice this year!

A tale of three cities: I moved twice this year!

Once again, I find myself surrounded by boxes asking myself “How did I get here”. True to my name (blog name that is) I have moved again. For the 24th time? I’m not entirely sure – I seem to have misplaced the handy list I had.

So this year has been a bit mad to say the least. I would say that this is the first time I have lived in three different cities in a single year, but I would be lying. But I can finally say I have found my happy place. Manchester. The beautiful north west, rain and all. Yes I’ve come full circle.

London though lovely, was completely not for me. I don’t know whether it was the overcrowded streets (not to mention overcrowded everything else), the people or the fact that it was so expensive that we couldn’t enjoy the fun entertainment but we learned a lesson. London was just too big for us.

Now, to get all Goldilocks on you. The trouble with Peterborough is that it was just too damn small. Though I did like being able to walk into countryside in ten minutes, I didn’t enjoy being able to walk across the city in no time at all. You can’t really consider it as a city – the cathedral makes it one but there just wasn’t enough things to do for us. Not that I was awake long enough to do them. I was being quickly drained from commuting; both physically and financially. Enough was enough.

Topher and I had a list of pros and cons to where we should live and there were plenty of points on each list, but in the end we had to go with our hearts. Manchester is where we belong. He’s born and bred there and I spent 7 years there which is pretty impressive for me!
Manchester is home. It’s a large, but not too large city with plenty to do. Location is ideal for work and it’s close to family and friends. I love it. So that’s us settled I think, at least for now. Next job in 2015 is finding the perfect home to buy! I can never stay still for long, can I?

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