Adventures in Paper Flower Making

When you’re planning a wedding, you find yourself making a lot more decisions than you ever thought possible. One of my big ones was flowers. I’m making all our wedding flowers out of paper. Yes you read that right.

Topher and I are both not huge fans of real flowers. I mean, it seems like such a huge cost for something that you can only use for one day. But then you can also argue that isn’t that what half the stuff in your wedding is?

paper flower making - orange, pink and blue

I think it’s just the fact that flowers die so quickly is what got us. So when I was browsing Pinterest after getting engaged, I stumbled across the concept of paper flowers. It seemed like the perfect solution. Make flowers that won’t die. Guests can take them home and anything that’s left over can be recycled since it’s paper. Plus I can keep things like my bouquet forever.

paper flower making - prototypes

Of course people had their doubts when I suggested my flower making plans, but honestly thats the usual response I get to my arty and slightly weird at times ideas. I’m able to see the big picture and what things are going to look like in the end, while people close to me can’t. Topher even raised his eyebrows at me when I suggested it.

Luckily, once I started making prototypes, my family and friends have been getting on board and even helping me cut out petals. That’s an awesome group I’ve got there. Plus I have to thank Topher for putting up with not being able to eat at the dining room table. Sorry Topher!

paper flower making - mess

My main set of flowers which will be used for table decorations and bouquets are the fuchsia and blue ones. I love how bright and happy they look. I just need to add some greenery into the bunches I’ve made so far and they’ll be perfect.

paper flower making - large orange

The large orange ones I think I’ll use in displays, like on the top table and around the signage I’m planning on having. And as for the small pink ones, those won’t be the final colours of it but maybe I’ll use them for buttonholes? I’m not sure yet. Either way, I’m feeling a lot more accomplished now that I have four types of flowers.

paper flower making - small pink

Now it’s less than 5 months to go until the big day so please excuse me while I get back to my glue gun!

Am I crazy? Did you take on a big project like this for your wedding – or would you plan on doing so in the future?

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