An A-Z of Me

I can’t remember which blog I saw the tag An A-Z of Me but I liked the idea and so thought I would do it today. It’s pretty fun, even Topher found himself doing an A-Z of himself last night. It really makes you think about what makes you, you.

So here is my A-Z of me:

A is for Arabic

Arabic is supposed to be my second language. But I don’t speak it. One day I will though.

B is for Bullet Journal

I bloody love bullet journalling. I discovered it in April last year and it works so well for me. It’s a great way to use my ever growing washi tape collection. Check out how I set up my bullet journal for this year and how I set it up for the month ahead.

C is for Cat Lady

I’ve always been known as a cat lady, even when I didn’t have a cat! Because we moved so much, I always looked forward to the day when I would own my own and in January 2015 we finally got Pickles and Luna. Words cannot express how much I love them and it feels like they’ve always been in my life. I can’t believe they’re 3 in November.

D is for Disney

So I might be a bit of a Disney nut. I’m obsessed with the history (hence why I can’t wait to visit the original Disneyland next month) and my goal is to visit every single Disney World. So far I’ve only done 3 (Florida, California & Paris) but that will definitely be rectified. I’ve even passed my obsession onto other people. Sorry, not sorry. Walt Disney World in Florida is by far my most visited park with me clocking up about 7 trips in the last 10 years…yowza!

E is for Egypt

I’ve lived in Egypt twice. Once for 2 years when I was a toddler and once for 6 months when I was 10. I haven’t been back since and wouldn’t mind heading back one day to see a bit of my childhood. I was so happy there when I was 10.

F is for Freelancer

I’m well into my second year of being a freelancer now and I’m loving it. Sure the money isn’t as good as being an office drone but I’m so much happier now.

G is for Gifs

I love a good gif. It was Topher that came up with this one for me and I know why. Most of our text conversations are just gifs.

H is for Harry Potter

It’s by far my favourite book series and I’m a proud Hufflepuff. I realised the other day that I haven’t read the books for a few years now so maybe I’ll have to give them a reread soon. And I need to visit the studios in London again!

I is for In Jokes

Topher and I have so many in jokes that it’s ridiculous. We are unstoppable as a team in games like Articulate and Pictionary. We just have to say one meaningful word together and we’re falling about laughing. If you ever do meet Topher, you have to ask him why you should never follow a man in a kilt.

J is for Jordan

Jordan is where my family live and I visit every single year. That’s right, I haven’t missed one. It’s just my yearly pilgrimage. Luckily it doesn’t have to stop because Topher loves Jordan now too. Yay!

K is for Knick Knacks

I like to collect things from my travels and those are usually knick knacks. It’s been awhile since I visited anywhere new but I’m sure I’ll add to my collection soon.

L is for Lists

I do love a bloody good list. It’s always been that way. It ties in with my stationery addiction nicely. Buy me some stationery and you’ve found the way to my heart.

M is for Mrs

I had to mention this since I got married last month and am now a Mrs. How is it only last month? It feels like forever ago!

N is for Nomad

My blog and my life. 25 homes and counting. But don’t worry, I’m going to sit still for a little bit now.

O is for Organised

If you asked any of my friends about how organised I am, they would say VERY! Since I like to make lists, I like to organise things. Nothing makes me happier than a notebook or a good old spreadsheet and I’ve definitely confirmed that when planning the honeymoon. I am aware that the amount of planning I’ve done is insane. Maybe I’ll have to do a post or a video about how I did it.

P is for Polkadots

I rock a lot of polkadots. That is all.

Q is for Quilt

I like to be cozy. I like wrapping myself up in layers and I love a big quilt or a throw. I got a gorgeous purple one for the living room and its just so damn fluffy!

R is for Restaurant

I’m a foodie through and through. There’s nothing I like better than picking up a menu and choosing something interesting and new. Hence why our honeymoon is centred around food. Oh and the sights too I guess…

S is for Slimming World

Following on from my love of food, I’m also a member of Slimming World and have been on and off for about 4 years now. I haven’t reached my target yet but I’m determined that I’ll make it one day.

T is for Topher

How could I do an A-Z of me without mentioning my husband? I love being able to say husband now. Topher and I have been together over 8 years and I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. He’s my best friend and my love.

U is for Undead

A bit random but I love a good zombie film. I can’t sit through many horror films but zombies I’ll happily endeavour. George A Romero is a God. RIP.

V is for Voting

When I was younger I was never interested in politics, but like many people over the last few years I’ve gotten myself clued up and I’m proud to say that I always vote now. It’s too important not too. It’s our right and whether our party win or lose, at least you can say that you had a hand in it.

W is for Wanderlust

As mentioned in my latest post, I love travel. I want to see everything and go everywhere. 32 countries down, so many more to go!

X is for X-ray

I’ve had a whole lot of x-rays but I’ve never broken a bone. Pretty impressive considering how clumsy I am!

Y is for Yorkshire

My Arab side is Palestine but my English side is Yorkshire. Even though I barely spent 2 months in my birth place, it’s still a constant in my life. Mainly because my grandma lives there.

Z is for Zakaria

My last name – or at least it was. It’s now Zakaria-Welburn. I couldn’t let go of my maiden name. As annoying as it is for anyone English to say it incorrectly (seriously people, I know it’s foreign but it’s not difficult – Zak-ah-ree-ah) including at my graduation, its still mine and it’s my link with my Arab side. I may not look Arab and I may not be able to speak the language but it’s still a part of me and I’m keeping it.

If you’ve ever done an A-Z of yourself, leave a link – I’m super nosy and enjoy reading them!




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