#BEDM DAY 16: A Day in the life

#BEDM DAY 16: A Day in the life

Or maybe not. Maybe I was so busy that I didn’t take any photos during the day…though it wouldn’t have been particularly interesting. I’ve been at work. I’ve been at work sticking down packaging that one of our suppliers didn’t think to do. So that would have been pretty dull. Then this evening – my final evening living in London will be spent packing up the two thirds of the flat we haven’t packed yet. Very dull again. 

I could have switched todays topic with tomorrows, but to be honest I’ll be too busy moving out. So I’ll just quickly describe my Monday to Friday life.

I work in a jewellery buying office so spend my day doing administrative tasks and looking at jewellery. 

Small things eh?

 I wake up at about 7am everyday and have my breakfast while catching up on blogs. Then I get ready for work and start at 8.30am. Finishing at 5pm, I rush home to my empty flat (the bf worked evenings) and make dinner. Blogs are written, programs caught up on then usually procrastination until the bf got home at 11pm. Then bed. How exciting! Makes you understand why I live for the weekend. 

Now that we’re moving, this will be pretty similar only with a couple of hours commuting added. But the bf won’t be working evenings anymore – yay!

Well done if you’ve read this far, imaginary gold star for you! 

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