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#BEDM Day 18: My Scrapbook

Since today’s topic is nostalgia, I’m showing you an update of my holiday scrapbook for my holiday to Florida last year. It was one of the funnest trips I’ve ever been on and one of the first holidays I’ve done with a group of friends. Plus Topher proposed while we were out there which makes it extra special.

I’ve never actually made a scrapbook before so this is all new to me. It’s definitely something I want to continue doing in the future though. For the first few pages of this scrapbook, check out my first scrapbook update post.

So continuing on from there, here’s what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks.


The A Beautiful Mess papers were so useful for the Mexico pages. I love how they all look together!


I’m so happy with how the below page turned out. I actually meant the writing to be straight but I messed up the first couple and just went with it. See – I meant to do that!



I love how the Italy and Norway pages turned out. They are very different but are on the same spread which I assume should annoy me but it doesn’t in the slightest.



Since I had everyone’s costume’s as separate photos I wanted to be able to fit everyone on the same spread but of course the only way to do that would be to cut us all out. I’m so glad I did that and it turned out great!



I went a bit mad with the washi tape on this page but I really like the effect. It was perfect for Harry Potter.


Yes I saved my ice cream cone wrapper. I just couldn’t get over how cute the packaging was so I had to keep it. 


I also may have gotten impatient and skipped forward a bit to do Topher and I’s engagement page! It’s so great to be able to look back on that moment. I still can’t believe I had no idea.


Now I really look forward to Sunday’s where I’ll work on this while listening to a podcast. It’s really therapeutic. Here’s to the rest of this scrapbook and many more to come after.

Have you ever made a scrapbook?


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