#BEDM Day 29: My Current Passion Project

#BEDM Day 29: My Current Passion Project
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Ever since I was 19, I have always had a side project that I have worked on in my spare time. After I shut my vintage shop and jewellery shop 2 years ago (wow has it been that long?), I have had a gap in my life where they were. Even though my side projects are never really successful, I still enjoyed the fun of them.

Jewellery making and vintage were never things that I have loved all my life – I just kind of fell into them. Maybe that’s why they never worked. However, one thing that I have always loved since I was a kid was stationary. Though I wasn’t a fan of school I still looked forward to buying new school supplies every September. I have always been passionate about making things and remember clearly the days when my parents used to hide the kitchen scissors from me because I used to keep taking them to use for my projects!

So when I was deciding what new project I could do; stationary and Etsy shop jumped into my head. So say hello to Polkadot Party, my etsy stationary shop! It’s not quite open yet but here’s a couple of things I’ve been working on for it.

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Let me know what you think!

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