#BEDM Day 6: Top Tips for Moving House

I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with my subject for top tips and struggling. Finally I just asked myself. What am I an expert in? Finally it hit me. Woman you’ve moved 25 times. You may have picked up a trick or two. So here are my top tips for moving house.

  1. Don’t leave packing until the last minute

I know it’s tempting and you’ve got plenty of important things to do like “getting rid” of all the ice cream in your freezer. And by getting rid I mean scoffing on the sofa in front of Game of Thrones/Scandal/The Walking Dead/Whatever you kids watch these days. You’ll be sorry when moving day comes and you’re slinging everything into bin bags and throwing them in your car. Don’t do that. I’ve done that and since then my parents refuse to help me move.

  1. Try and use boxes when you can

It’s so much tidier and then you can be super organised and label them. Sounds a bit over the top but it seriously helps so much. All you need is a permanent marker and quickly write on the top of it which room it’s going to and vaguely what’s in it. This is a lifesaver when you’re in the in between stage of finished moving and not yet unpacked. Where is the cutlery? Kitchen box marked cutlery and crap in the drawers. If it’s possible, as you’re putting the boxes into your new home, you can place them in the correct rooms as you go.

  1. Have a clear out as you pack

Moving is a great time to get rid of your unwanted belongings. Just ask yourself; do you really want to bring this to your new house? Since I’ve moved so much I would just ask myself, have I unpacked/used this since last time I moved? It’s so freeing and think of it as less stuff to move!

  1. Think about logistics

Boring but important. Are you going to do it over a weekend, a week, or all in one day? Can you do it all with your car? This one used to be a yes for me before I had furniture! Do you want to hire a removal company/man in a van or rent a van and get your friends to help? So many questions but you need to sort these kinds of things out.

Personally for this last move I hired a beast of a van from Enterprise, drove it myself and Topher and I enlisted a friend’s help who also owned his own small van. We did it all in one day and it was definitely the least stressful move I’ve ever had! That reminds me, we still owe the friend a pie and a pint for helping… Soon!

  1. On the day have an essentials bag

I’m talking about a bag that you keep handy during the day you move. This has anything important you don’t want to lose amongst the boxes in it. For example your phone, purse, different sets of keys, – cat treats in my case – and sometimes paperwork when you’ve got to deal with different estate agents.

  1. Moving pets – cats in particular

Keep them confined to one room with all their stuff (food, litter trays, toys etc) as you move stuff out of the house. Ours are indoor cats so by keeping them in one room we don’t have to worry about them wandering about. Even if your cats are outdoor ones I would recommend this if you’re moving in one day. There’s nothing worse than being all ready to go and Mr. Whiskers is still strolling round the neighborhood somewhere, holding you all up!

Once everything is moved out, move them last and then you can bring them to their new home where they’re already surrounded by familiar things. We started with introducing them to one room and then let them out to explore the next day.


So those are my tips! What are your top tips for moving house?

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