#BEDM Day 8: Local History in a few places

#BEDM Day 8: Local History in a few places

Currently living in London, there is a wealth of local history at my fingertips. I love history and enjoy learning new things so this got me thinking to museums. The bf and I are avid museum lovers – it’s an ideal day out. Therefore I’ve compiled a list of a few museums that spring to mind when thinking of local history: 

Local – London

Natural History Museum


I’ve never actually had the time to fully appreciate London’s Natural History Museum which is a shame. I do promise to visit one day!
British Museum


I can’t decide what’s more beautiful, the outside or the inside of the British Museum. I’ve luckily had the pleasure of visiting here before and I definitely recommend it. 


The V&A museum has been on my must dos for as long as I can remember but I still haven’t been. I’m optimistic though, I only visited Portobello Road for the first time last year and that’s been on my list just as long. If you’re into art, design and fashion then it’s a must do. 
The Sherlock Holmes Museum



The bf is obsessed with Sherlock Holmes – not the program, just the books, and one day I will take him to the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street. The house is kept in the Victorian era that the books were set in so that would be really interesting to see.

Used to be local – Manchester

Imperial War Museum – Manchester


Another one I always wanted to visit but never did in my 7 years living in Manchester. The bf said it just made him sad going round which makes sense but I still want to visit one day. I was always interested in WW1&2 in history at school. Plus how impressive is that building?

Manchester Museum


About a year and a half ago I finally visited the Manchester Museum and wasn’t disappointed. The exhibits were beautiful and fascinating and i would definitely recommend a visit if you’re ever in Manchester.

Soon to be local – Peterborough (where we are moving in just over a week!)



As soon as the bf and I drove into Peterborough, we saw the sign for the Railworld museum and insisted to each other that we would visit. I love trains and I bet it would be really interesting. My english grandad loved trains – he even turned my mums old bedroom into a model railway! I wish I had taken photos of it, my grandma took it down after he passed. Anyway though this museum doesn’t look particularly spectacular but will definitely be visited!

Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery


I don’t know much about this museum yet but I will have plenty of time to find out. It appears to just be a history of Peterborough so that should be interesting to find out about our new home town.
What are your favourite museums?

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