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#BlogCrush at Crazy Pedros, Manchester

#BlogCrush at Crazy Pedros, Manchester

IMG_2707When Jess from Philocalist announced she would be holding a blogger networking event at Crazy Pedros, I signed up right away. Speed dating for blogger friendship? Sounds like fun! IMG_2720I loved the venue and remember passing by with friends and saying to Topher, “we need to go there one day!”. Well now I need to go again but bring him. The decor was really fun, bright and colourful and it turned out to be such a sunny day.



IMG_2714It was great meeting all the bloggers who attended. A lot of them I hadn’t met before so it’s nice to be introduced to more members of our Manchester community.

IMG_2713After a marathon of chatting about bad dates, career dreams and awful books (cough*Grey*cough) we were served pizza!IMG_2715Meat feast – I didn’t try this one due to the pork but I hear it was nice

IMG_2716Big Mac – Pretty tasty considering I’m not a McDonalds fan!

IMG_2717The veggie pizza – half mushroom and half mozzarella & tomato.

IMG_2719Then it was time for the pièce de résistance; the chicken & waffle pizza with maple syrup! I was just grabbing a slice when I noticed the bacon. Damn! I really wanted to try it because it sounded weird and I like weird. Maybe I can re-create it at home…

IMG_2718Now it wouldn’t be a blogger event without a beverage of some kind. So what’s a perfect accompaniment to pizza? Why raspberry margaritas with popping candy of course! Though be warned children, popping candy explodes when it hits liquid. As we all discovered…

Thanks Jess for organising an awesome event. Now how about that Bloggers Ball?


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