Bullet Journal Adventures: 8 Months In

I can’t believe I’ve been using a bullet journal for 8 months now. Though to be fair, this entire year has just flown by.Β I don’t really know what I did before it came into my life. All I remember was dozens of notebooks, iPhone lists and a shit load of post it notes. That all sounds so stressful just thinking about it.

So since I’m coming to the end of my first bullet journal, I thought I would share my likes, dislikes and what I’m looking forward to implementing in my new one for 2017.

Things I loved

  • There’s just one place for everything

As much as that contradicts my need to buy all the notebooks, it felt really refreshing to be able to have everything in one place. It’s a great size (A5) so I can just chuck it in my bag and take it wherever I go. Plus it never runs out of battery!

  • Habit Tracker

I introduced this tracker in May and haven’t looked back. I’ve found it so useful to keep track of all the little thingsΒ that I need to everyday like take my pill, use the face treatment for my acne, fill in my food diary etc. as well as introducing new habits into my life.

  • Monthly Roundups

Every month I would dedicate a page where I could list and doodle the things that happened that month. It’s so nice to be able to look back on and see what key things happened each month. Plus, it’s going to make writing my year in review a breeze!


Things I didn’t love and/or didn’t use

  • The whole index thing

I know that having one is a staple of bullet journalling but in my first one it just didn’t work for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t leave enough space for one that spanned more than two pages or if it just wasn’t for me. I think I’ll give it one more go in my new one and that will allow me the time to double check the reason why.

  • The symbols and keys

Yes, another bullet journal staple. I don’t use it. I just make my lists and tick them or use the > sign to say it’s been moved forward. And on the rare occasion where I don’t need to do something anymore at all, I would put a cross. Sorry bujo diehards! I didn’t even try to get into it. Sorry not sorry.

  • Generic lists

The whole point of a bullet journal is personalising it to yourself. When I first made mine, I don’t think I thought about what I wanted to include a lot of the time. And because of that, there’s a lot of random lists at the beginning of my book that I used once and then never again. So word of advice, just because someone else has a certain page in their bullet journal, it doesn’t mean you have to too.


Things I want to add

  • A weight loss tracker

I did half heartedly add one originally but I didn’t measure it out properly and I didn’t use it. Plus when Slimming World introduced their own journal, I got a free one with a countdown I bought and have enjoyed using that. But they cost Β£4.95 for a 12 week one and I’d rather use the good bits from it and track it in my bullet journal for 2017.

  • Meal planner

This one goes hand in hand with the weight loss tracker. The journal also had a meal planner in it so thats something I’d like to transfer over as well as adapting it to suit my needs better. When it comes to food, I plan Thursday to Wednesday because our weigh ins are on a Thursday morning. And also, I don’t need to plan my breakfast and smaller meal of the day. I just have my usual options. It’s the big meal that counts and there’s no point in wasting room on anything else for mine.

  • A mood/symptoms tracker

I’ve seen these in other journals and I loved the idea. I want to take care of myself more in 2017 and I think this would be a great indicator into seeing how I’m doing and what effects me. For example I noticed that during the super moon we had last month, each night I had a terrible broken sleep. I’m not usually one for the woo woo but it was just something I noticed and want to explore further. I’ve also noticed that there are periods where I just feel really tired and am not up to working so I’d like to pinpoint if there’s any correlation between those times.


My First Bullet Journal for 2017

Now it’s not really a bullet journal but as much as I like the dotted and numbered pages of an actual one, they just aren’t pretty on the front as I would like. So I bent the “rules” and just got a ruled notebook. Look how pretty!


The difference between this one and my last one was that this one is ring bound which I think will work much better for me. It will give me the freedom to rip out pages if I need to and it will also give me more leeway to use 3D stickers. I love the thought of getting to crack open a new bullet journal on January 1st! Excited πŸ™‚

Have you ever used a bullet journal?

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