Bullet Journal Adventures – My First Bullet Journal

Living on Pinterest for the last few years, I’ve always seen out of the corner of my eye articles and photos of Bullet Journals.

Curious, I would pin them and forget about them. Last week, I decided to take the plunge and make a bullet journal myself.

So, what is a bullet journal? Bullet journaling is a way of life. Imagine having everything in one place. All your thoughts, to-do lists, plans and dates to remember, it’s a way of planning with no boundaries.

As much as I love traditional planners and diaries, I’m not so keen on how confining the pages are. For example, what is it with most week planners that make Saturday and Sunday so small? That’s when I have the most plans!


The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can take as much or as little space as you need for each day and in whatever order you like. Fancy taking a full day for April 18th, and then following it with a list of books you want to read, then half a page for April 19th? Go for it. All you have to do is number your pages and use the first page as an index. That’s the main rule of a bullet journal, the index. It’s what holds the whole things together.

It’s great for people like me who feel confined by pre-determined pages and also for people like Topher’s sister Emma who likes to pick random pages and start scribbling lists. Plus this will save me having my office covered in post-it notes.

Using the notebook I got in my Blognix goody bag, I set up an index, numbered the pages and I was off. It’s a constant work in progress but I’m having so much fun so far. It’s so freeing!


At the moment I have a main Year at a glance calendar, which is great for the obvious reason of being able to see everything at once. The next page (not pictured) is for dates for next year, which are just in a basic list at the moment. So far it’s just got my wedding and my friends wedding on it. During the year though, it will become so much more useful.




As well as my usual general goal lists, I have added in pages specifically for my house DIY plans, my wedding checklist, honeymoon savings and books and films I have read. On each day, as well as having my to-do list, I also write down what food I’ve consumed so I can keep track for slimming world. I’ve also incorporated a graph and table of my weight loss.


Finally, I’ve been using my bullet journal for fulfilling things like the Level 10 Life Tracker. Side note: I didn’t have a compass so it’s super wobbly and only has 6 levels for each section – oops! Level 10 life is all about having a balanced life. Each section accounts for a part of your life like mental health, family & friends, career & purpose, hobbies & pure joy etc.



Though there’s no way I’ll be getting rid of all my notebooks – I will happily admit that I am a bullet journal convert!

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Have you ever used a bullet journal?

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