Christmas at Disney

Final Disney post – promise. At least until we go again in October that is! Have you ever been to Disney at Christmas? I was really excited to see the decorations as I’ve never seen them in person before and I’ve only heard good things. 


I can’t decide what I prefer more, the bright blue sky of the day against the red and green of the decorations or the magical lights when the sun goes down. How amazing does the frosted castle look at night?
And I know these aren’t Christmas decorations, but how cool does the circus area of Magic Kingdom look at night?

Plus I couldn’t resist a little holiday themed cupcake, ok, massive – I had to split this Gingerbread cupcake with Topher. Tip: Always split the cupcakes there with someone. They are massive. You think you can do it yourself but trust me you will be defeated!


Have you ever been to Disney at Christmas?

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