Creative Gifts You Can Make For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful and magical time of year for anyone that celebrates it. You get to see friends and family that you wouldn’t normally see, overindulge on delicious food, and drink lots of tummy warming drinks. To add to it all we have all taken on the tradition of gift giving, which can turn out to be quite expensive if you have a large family. This year why not consider making some of your gifts to save you a penny or two, and also make it super personal for your loved one? Here are some creative gifts you can make for your loved ones this Christmas.

Creative Gifts



Hand making bracelets and other pieces of jewelry allows you to add as many personal touches as you like for the recipient. They’re fairly simple to do and all you need to do is buy some chains, charms and tools to attach the charms to the bracelet. You can buy make your own jewelry packs easily in stores or on the internet, and choose the charms that fit the best to that person. Then all you will need is a cute display box (which if you’re feeling extra creative you could make these too!) to present it to them in and you’ve got yourself a lovely gift!


If you’ve got children that you want to give a gift to within your family, then why not create a cushion in the shape of their favourite Disney character? You can easily get foam cut to size and all you will need after that is some material to create the character’s face. There are plenty of stencils available online that you could use. Pair that with some simple sewing skills and you will have a gorgeous cushion to give to the little ones (or any avid disney fan) in your family.


A bit more of a difficult idea here, but knitting scarves would also be a great idea for hand making a gift for one of your loved ones. You don’t necessarily have to use any complicated stitches with your knitting, and you could even stick to one colour and then sew on something to make it more personal. There are a wide range of sewing tutorials that you can check out and easily learn from. Let’s face it, everyone needs a warm scarf at Christmas!


Hand making food to give to someone would also be a fabulous and thoughtful idea for a gift this Christmas. If you’ve got a keen hand for baking then why not bake a delicious pie for them to enjoy over the Christmas period? Alternatively, you could pickle some onions and create a hamper for them to indulge in. the possibilities are endless.


Finally, hand making the cards that you’re going to be sending to your loves ones this year will add an even more personal touch to your Christmas. Much alike the cushions, you can find and download many different images and stencils to put on your Christmas cards. Add some glitter and voila!


Try these ideas for your gift giving this Christmas and make it as personal as possible!

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