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Current Obsessions: What I’m Reading, Watching, Lusting Over and Craving

Current Obsessions: What I’m Reading, Watching, Lusting Over and Craving
Since I’ve been stuck in a rut with ideas for blogging recently, I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to recently.
The Mistborn book series


The Mistborn series is definitely filling a Harry Potter esque series shaped hole in my life right now. In a nutshell, it’s about a street girl called Vin who has special powers and joins a team to overthrow the evil ruler that has enslaved her people. It’s nice to find a book like this that has a girl as the main point of view and I’m excited to read the remaining 3 books. 
New Girl


All about a girl called Jess who catches her boyfriend cheating on her so moves in with 3 guys she met on the internet. Funny situations a-go-go. The idea has been done before, people in their late 20s/early 30s living together etc but I have to say I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The cast gel really well together and there’s a fair few situations I haven’t ever seen before. It’s not often I can watch something over and over in such a short period of time. 
I just love it, and I want Zooey Deschanel’s  wardrobe. Will definitely have to do a style post on Jess soon! Plus I want to live in their loft. It’s gorgeous! But I’m not surprised considering I’m a sucker for exposed brick. 
The only sad thing is that I’m completely up to date with America now so I have to wait every week for the next episode. I’m used to finding shows that are way ahead so I can just binge on them but this is going to take some patience. 
The Amazing Race


This definitely has to be my top game/reality show ever. It’s an American program where teams of two race around the world for a million dollars. Each leg they have different tasks and the last team to get to the end of each leg is out. I would love to be on this show, it looks like such an adventure! Plus, Phil the host is awesome – especially his eyebrow (see below)! 
Me and the bf love this show and have watched all 21 seasons. There’s always a team you love and a team you hate so we spend plenty of time yelling at the laptop. I need to see if these are available on DVD!


Lusting over


Ah Modcloth, you’re so out of my price range but I just can’t help myself but look. The clothes and accessories are so cute and quirky – completely my style. I guess I will just have to wait until I’m rich to be able to shop there! For now, it’s all about the window shopping. 


Maybe it’s because I haven’t had them in so long but since pancake day I have not stopped craving pancakes. I used to have them every day for breakfast as a kid and really miss that. Definitely going to make some tonight!
What are your current obsessions? 


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