Currently: What I’ve Been Up To (Still Furloughed)

Currently: What I’ve Been Up To (Still Furloughed)

175 days and counting. Yikes. I figured that it’s been awhile since I did one of these currently posts so here we go:


I’ve been powering through a few series recently on Netflix including:

  • The new season of Aggretsuko
  • Teenage Bounty Hunters – surprisingly good!
  • Sweet Magnolias – a nice laid back show
  • 100 Humans – an interesting series of experiments on (you guessed it) 100 humans to see what makes us tick
  • Big Mouth – Topher and I watched this together and both loved it. It’s actually a smart look at middle schoolers from both the boys and girls perspective. And it’s hilarious.
  • Floor Is Lava – A really fun obstacle course gameshow. Contestants try to get across the room without touching the floor because the floor is…lava!

Topher and I also watched along with Canada’s Drag Race on iPlayer. It was really good but I think I prefer the UK version and of course the OG USA version. It’s just not the same without RuPaul. But I was super happy with who won!

And I’ve been hooked to Youtube as well!


As you may or may not know, I haven’t read much during lockdown. But I have recently finished Becoming by Michelle Obama and am currently reading Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee. Both are non fiction.

After seeing people rave about Becoming and already being a fan of Michelle Obama, I picked it up myself. It was really interesting to see the behind the scenes of the White House and what kind of person she was. I like her even more now and would recommend the book to you myself.

As for Joyful I’m still in the middle of it but am finding it fascinating so far. Unsurprisingly it’s all about what kind of things bring people joy. I like reading about human behaviour so this has been eye opening. I’ve been trying to implement more joyful things in my life as a result. Like dying my hair…

currently...purple hair


I’ve hung up my apron for now when it comes to baking. I went a bit overboard and my waistline is not thanking me! Instead I’ve been trying lots of new Slimming World friendly recipes I’ve found on Instagram. My favourite accounts are @becs.bites and @KimberleysSlimmingJourney. I’m not so keen on going back to group yet so just trying to do my best at home.


I finished my honeymoon scrapbook and am now working on one for our wedding. I’m almost done too. The wedding scrapbook is a lot less arty than the honeymoon one as all I’ve got to put in it is photos and cards.

One thing that has been a game changer is I’ve been using skinny double sided tape to stick down my photos. Before I always used Prit Stick which in hindsight seems very silly now that I’ve tried tape. Oh well at least I know for now and the future.

My next scrapbook to work on is our Japan trip from last year. I can’t wait as I collected so many mementos from it.


After having so many plans cancelled I stopped planning for awhile. But both Topher and I have a week of annual leave booked for autumn half term so we decided to go away. Not out of the country though as that feels too risky. Both due to the pandemic and also because the rules keep changing.

So we’re currently planning a little English road trip. I really hope we get to go. The only way we wouldn’t is if there was a second full on lock down like at the beginning of this whole thing. So fingers crossed.


I’m still on Duolingo learning Arabic. 175 day streak! I’m so proud of myself and can’t wait to see if it helps at all the next time I go to Jordan.

I’m also going to start learning how to use Illustrator. I know Photoshop and from the couple of times I’ve tried going into Illustrator it’s been a challenge. And I could use a challenge. Plus I want to make cute prints.


Furlough is a weird situation mentally. I’m trying to keep myself busy but I feel pretty aimless at times. I’m even beginning to wonder if I’ll remember how to do my job when I do go back. If I go back… That’s the thing: I have no idea if there will even be a job at the end of furlough. I hope there is. It’s just like being in limbo.

Also with Topher back at school we’re both resigned to the fact that no matter how careful he is, he’s going to catch it at some point. So we’re just going to both keep going like we’ve been doing all this time; sticking to the rules and keeping our fingers crossed.

Currently…doing this week

To end on a high note, it’s not supposed to rain this week in Manchester so I’m going out in the garden to see if I can get it under control before winter hits.

Wish me luck!

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