Disney roundup

Time for the obligatory round up photos. Starting with Disney World. It truly is my happy place. I was so excited to share it with my friends. 4 of them had never been before!

Disney Roundup - MNSSHP

Clockwise from left: Steve – Wreck it Ralph, Emma – Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas, Adam – Minion, Luther – Flynn Rider from Tangled, Topher – Hades from Hercules, Me – Darth Vader in a dress, Claire – Snow White.

I had so much fun prancing around as Darth Vader getting extra sweets by using the force. Well he is evil after all!

Disney Roundup - Park Tickets

Autumn is my favourite time to visit and apart from all the parties, I just love the Halloween decorations dotted around the park.

Disney Roundup - Halloween Decorations

Disney Roundup - Rapunzel's Tower

Disney Roundup - Flowers

The princess biscuits always have derp faces!

Disney Roundup - princess biscuits

Disney Roundup - Hollywood Studios

I can’t believe I only had one Mickey’s ice cream sandwich this time!

Disney Roundup - Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Which set is cuter? Panda or cat?

Disney Roundup - Mugs

Disney Roundup - Darth Vader costume

Disney Roundup - Tiaras

We all had a laugh at the painting on this ice cream park. All the ice creams!

Disney Roundup - Animal Kingdom

Gift shops are for trying on silly hats and taking selfies with friends!

Disney Roundup - Yeti's

Disney Roundup - shoes

I took so many photos over the two weeks but I also filmed a lot of short videos I’m hoping to turn into a 5/10 minute recap of the holiday. Wish me luck! Next up, Harry Potter and Universal Studios.

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