Duolingo Phrases I Don’t Think I’ll Need

Duolingo Phrases I Don’t Think I’ll Need

At the beginning of lockdown I decided to download Duolingo, the language skills app. I’m half Arab and can’t speak Arabic so whenever I’m in Jordan visiting my family I can’t understand half of what’s going on. I figured I may as well do one useful thing while I’m at home on furlough. 132 days later and after going on Duolingo everyday my vocabulary has improved immensely.

Though I’m learning a lot on Duolingo there have been some questionable phrases that pop up which gave me a laugh. Topher likes to refer to them as Duh-olingo. So I thought I’d share:

Duolingo asks which of these is husband

This one literally made me laugh out loud. It’s the pictures that make it. I could understand mistaking the letters but confusing your husband for a fish or a chicken tickles me.

Duolingo my dog is french

The majority of these phrases make a picture pop up in my head so this one made me chuckle.

Now the rest of these phrases are all about cats. It looks like Duolingo is even more obsessed with cats than I am…

is your cat from cuba

You might have a Cuban cat but I highly doubt it Seth.

is the engineers cat from Baku

This is the kind of casual conversation that will definitely be useful to me the next time I’m in Jordan!

But then we start getting to the weird stuff.

Duolingo my cat has a question professor

So this is for when you’ve brought your cat to class and are too embarrassed to ask a question yourself.

my friend george has work with your cat

Apparently when your cat isn’t in class with you, they’ve got a whole other job. No wonder they’re always sleeping when you’re home.

With this last one I have to ask, “Duolingo…you ok hun?”.

Duolingo has lost the plot i am a cat and i am your cats colleague at the office

George? Is that you? Apparently my friend George has been a cat this whole time.

I also have one which I apparently didn’t get a screenshot of which says ” I work in my cat’s company and I am always busy.” So not only do they have a job, but they’ve worked through the ranks and now own the company. And all I’ve done this year is download this app.

I wonder how many of these I can use in conversation…

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