Father’s Day with IWOOT & Mankind #WrapDifferent

Having lots of friends who are boys – IWOOT has always been my haven for easy gift shopping. So when they and men’s grooming brand Mankind invited me to their Father’s Day event last week, I RSVP’d right away.

The event was at Twenty Twenty Two, a ping pong bar on Little Lever St. in a basement. I can’t believe how many times I walked past without knowing this place was here!

IWOOT outside twenty twentytwo

IWOOT Twenty TwentyTwo

The #WrapDifferent event was held in a private room and full to the brim of products perfect for the man in your life. I even managed to find a couple of things for my dad and he is not easy to buy for.

IWOOT toys

This table was full of fun toys which would make anyone jealous. The smallest remote control helicopter, mini ping pong sets and my personal favourite, the BBQ toolbox. It’s portable!


IWOOT Captin America

IWOOT flower grenade

The range of mens grooming products were mainly new to me but the Mankind team were on hand to explain everything.

IWOOT Mankind

The grooming box below* in particular is an easy gift for any man in your life. It’s a carefully curated box of different branded products. This one includes Bed Head and Man Cave. Topher has been going on about how he wants to get a grooming routine going so I had both information and this set to bring home to him (thanks Mankind for the goody bag!). He was super excited and used everything the first chance he got. His face smells lovely now!

IWOOT tech

After having a mooch at all the products, it was time to take part in some challenges. IWOOT now do clothing so there was a t-shirt design competition and a mug design competition. I always suck at these. My brain just goes blank. I ended up doing a mug design with “My damn covfefe”. Topical.

IWOOT game tables

I had a lot more luck at the wrapping challenge. We had to pick an item to wrap and then do it as fast as we could.

IWOOT wrap challenge

I didn’t think I’d stand a chance at winning but the IWOOT team emailed the winners after and I was one of them. Yay!

IWOOT wrapping

I think my favourite challenge was the “beer” pong. Instead of beer in the cups, there were little slips of paper with prizes on. Most of the time I missed but I managed to walk away with two prizes. Go me!

IWOOT beer pong

And what’s a party without a baby and a pug? Btw – babies and pugs are so hard to simultaneously get a photo of!

IWOOT baby and pug

It was a great evening and we all walked away with such generous goody bags. Topher was jumping around like it was Christmas when I got home. Fiancée points earned.

Thank you so much to both the IWOOT and Mankind teams. You were all lovely and showed us all a great time!

I will leave you with this pug.


What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? Or is someone you know celebrating their first Father’s Day? Are they hard to shop for?

Please note any items marked * are affiliate links.

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