Feeling like a yo-yo

If you have a phobia of rambling posts then I suggest you run in the other direction. I really don’t know where I’m going with this post or if I even have a point but here it goes. If you ask my friends about me, they would say that I’m organised and driven. Which is true but I have a whole other side to me. A truly lazy side. And I’m constantly battling between the two.

Once again I’ve managed to land myself in a job where I don’t feel challenged or the ability to be creative. All day I listen to amazing podcasts where creative people are taking a stand and doing incredible things and I want to be one of them. Once again I am full of ideas during the day but by the time I get home I’m drained and just do nothing.

One change is that I am getting to the stage where I feel motivated enough to actually get things done from time to time. Though it isn’t as much as I would like it to, I manage a few days a week where I get things done on my to do list. The thing is, is that I am now lucky enough to work close to home so that I can be home in 20 minutes tops so I have the opportunity to be creative every day after work. The only problem is that I continue to yo-yo between motivation and lethargy.

I was on top of the world last week. I finally figured out my dream career and I wrote goals and objectives to make it happen. Now I just need to do the work. This week, I feel like crap.

I think that’s my problem. I talk the talk but I don’t walk the walk. Maybe its laziness, or maybe its actually fear. Fear of what I don’t know. I could just pick the easy option and say oh well it’s just me being lazy again but I think its just that I like feeling comfortable and safe.

What could possibly happen to me if I just stayed here on the sofa watching Netflix? Nothing.

What could happen to me if I stayed at my desk job? Nothing. Well apart from my health deteriorating. Since this new job has me consistently typing for 7 hours a day, my hands have started to suffer and my back and neck are following suit. I actually had an MRI scan this week at the hospital because of it. Side notes – MRI scans are nothing to be frightened of, it’s surprising how easy they are (unless you’re claustrophobic – in which case I suggest you do breathing exercises and keep your eyes closed!).

Anyway, I definitely have my reasons for wanting a better career for myself and I need to figure out how to work with my constant yo-yo’ing emotions. Any tips?

Ramble over.


  • Rebecca
    17th September 2015 at 7:57 pm

    I suffer from the yo-yo between lethargy and motivation too. I’m currently setting myself the challenge of being creative for at least 15 minutes each evening after work. That way it’s not a daunting prospect of completing a whole project but it’ll still give me the satisfaction of having done something other than sitting on my backside watching TV. Again!

    • Diane
      18th September 2015 at 4:43 pm

      Good plan! I’m trying to schedule things like blog posts ahead of time so I have more time to do things like paint. Good luck! πŸ™‚ x


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