My Festive Bucket List

Oh my, how is it less than two weeks until Christmas? It only feels like yesterday that Topher and I were putting the tree up. And once again realising how very few Christmas decorations we have. Like just a tree. This has to be rectified in the coming years.

It got me thinking though, what would be my ideal Christmas? And I’m talking about all those little things that aren’t as important as the big day itself where you give gifts, spend time with your family and stuff yourselves with all of the food, but make me smile and feel festive.

So here’s my list. I’ve called it a bucket list because I don’t do these things every year but I really want to!


Crafts & Decoration

Decorate the house

Of course!

Make own wrapping paper

I did this last year and it took ages. I had old paper to use up this year so I did. But in the future I’d love to continue making my own.

Get a new decoration for the tree every year

Both Topher and I have always wanted to do this but since money’s always been tight we never do it. Starting next year though, it’s happening. Screw money, it’s only a fiver.

Make a pom pom wreath

I’ve seen these hanging around Pinterest and I’d love to make one. We’ve never had a wreath but I would love one. Are people ever worried about them getting stolen though?

Make Christmas bunting

I’m a sucker for bunting. Plus it would be a great decoration to hang up high so the cats couldn’t eat it.

Make holly garland
festive bucket list 2
Now how amazing is this garland?! I’ve wanted to make one ever since I saw this on instagram. Next year!

Put snowflakes on the windows

I used to do this when I was a student but haven’t made any for years. I’d love to bring this tradition back.

Buy some fairy lights

And put them up high so the cats can’t reach!

Make my own advent calendar

I’ve seen loads of people do this this year and I’d love to make my own. Maybe next year?

Make paper poinsettia flowers

I only found out this year that poinsettia flowers are lethal for cats! Thank god I never have any in the house anyway, but I do think they look festive so I would love to make some paper ones.


Baking and food

Make a gingerbread house

Two years in a row I’ve done this. The first was a slight disaster in which I burned the roof of it. And last year I took the easy way out and bought a kit. One year I’ll get it right.

Make mulled wine

I actually have done this for the last few years and I love doing it. Even if it’s just me drinking it because Topher isn’t so keen!

Bake gingerbread biscuits (link is just for beautiful picture credit – recipe is not in English)
festive bucket list 3
I think this is the first year I’m not making these in awhile. Usually I make a load and bring them to the office but as I don’t have an office this year I think I may give it a miss. I always make way too many and end up eating a load anyway. Not so great for Slimming World!

Have a spiked hot chocolate

I haven’t done this this year yet. Better get on it.

Have as many Christmas lunches as I can (with friends, work, family etc)

This is always a tradition

Have at least one candy cane

A tradition we only started last year but I love it. And they’re not bad in terms of syns for Slimming World.



Go to the Christmas markets

Without fail I have managed this every year and I’m not stopping now

Attend a Christmassy craft fair

I wanted to go to one this year but it was just before payday.

Buy gifts from as many small businesses as I can

This goes hand in hand with attending a Christmassy craft fair. I love buying from small businesses.

Wear a Christmas Jumper

I finally bought my very own Christmas jumper this year.

Paint my nails in a festive way

I’ve only managed glitter in the past but one day I’m going to do something awesome like this:
festive bucket list 4

Send out Christmas cards

We’re always so bad at this – I blame technology. But it’s getting done this year. I’m off to buy stamps when I finish this post.

Make a Christmas Playlist

I’m always so disorganised and just fumble around youtube looking for Christmas songs. One of these days I’m making a damn playlist.


What’s on your Festive Bucket list?

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  • Katya
    17th December 2016 at 8:00 pm

    Nice post Diane – I’d love to do all that crafty stuff too x


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