What I ate in Jordan: Food glorious food!

What I ate in Jordan: Food glorious food!
A tad bit of a cliché title post but I’m ok with that. 
Amman is a place where I go to eat. Hanging out with my family is an endless sea of lunches (if you can call it lunch if it’s at 5pm), great aunties pinching your cheeks and force-feeding baba-ganoush down your throat. Then asking if you’ve put on weight and when are you getting married. 
Here’s a few samples of what I ate during the week:


Lamb, rice and almonds. Simple, but oh so good! I love lamb and we definitely have a lot of it there. 


Dessert. There’s always so many things to choose from that I take a little bit of each. 
Clockwise from top: Pumpkin jam and flat bread, sweet syrup cake with almonds on top, cherries, flat peach and apricot. Yum!


One night, my cousins took me and my brother to Sugar Daddy’s; a sweet treat haven. Cupcakes and cakes galore.


I went for a slice of red velvet cake. They all came with two spoons. Ha, I’m not sharing. Though I have to say that I couldn’t finish it! Wow, that was good. 


Apple cinnamon waffles, courtesy of The Bake House, found in downtown Amman. My cousin insisted on taking us and I’m glad she did as these waffles were amazing. My parent’s had the pancake version and that also looked awesome. I really struggled to finish as it was a generous portion but it was so worth it. 


This lemon juice was beyond amazing. They add mint and sugar so it tastes really nice. I’m definitely going to be re-creating this at home!


Desserts table. Lots of mouths to feed you know? I had a little bit of cheesecake, chocolate cake and an arabic dish right at the end (the name escapes me). All delicious!
Needless to say, I had a bit of a food coma after this week. 
Have you eaten anything amazing recently?


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