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Hiroshima: Our Japan Food Diary

We didn’t eat out a lot in Hiroshima but what we had was delicious!


Hiroshima food okonomiyaki

If you’re ever in Japan you need to try Okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients in a wheat-flour-based batter. The name is derived from the word okonomi, meaning “how you like” or “what you like”, and yaki meaning “cooked”.

It’s very common for Okonomiyaki to have both pork and seafood so I had to do a bit of extra research to find some that I could eat. Luckily I found a place via youtube called Nagata-ya. They have traditional okonomiyaki as well as variations without pork and also ones that are just for vegetarians.

It was an amazing meal and I wish we could have gone more than once. There is also a type of Okonomiyaki that is from Osaka that I also want to try next time.


Hiroshima food starbucks

Yes we can get Starbucks at home but not this Starbucks! Their menu had Japan exclusive items that you can’t get back home so we had to give it a go. Apparently the same goes for McDonalds and KFC! While Topher did get something he could get back home I went for this strawberry frappucino which had actual chunks of strawberry in it. It beats the strawberries and cream version we have in the UK hands down as that one is a bit too much strawberry and not enough cream.

Bento Box

Hiroshima food bento box

Why is this not a thing back home? As unappetising as cold beef and cold rice sounds for breakfast, it was delicious and we got bento boxes every time we took a shinkansen. There are so many different varieties and it was a fun game for Topher and I to play in the train station and trying to guess what everything was.

Coco Curry

Hiroshima food coco curry

Now this is how fast food should be! Coco Curry is one of japan’s fast food chains so you can find it all over the country. I think this photo was just a screenshot from my vlog because I scarfed it too quickly to take a photo. Oops…but no regrets. This was the chicken katsu curry and Topher got one too. We also got a cheesy naan bread to share which was everything.


Hiroshima food bikkle

We enjoyed using the vending machines in every city we went to and I think Bikkle was our joint favourite drink we found. I already included it in my Osaka blog post but we finally found it again next to Hiroshima castle after days of looking for another bottle.

Strawberry sandwich

Hiroshima food strawberry sandwich

Yes you read that correctly. A strawberry sandwich. White bread (no crusts), whipped cream and halved strawberries. My expectation was that I was either going to love it or hate it. And I bloody loved it. It was everything I never knew I needed. A sweet treat that we may have bought again to share on the shinkansen back to Tokyo. We got both at 7-Eleven.

I also really enjoyed egg sandwiches in Japan. That’s definitely something I miss at home. I know we have them in the UK but they are definitely inferior.

Hiroshima food egg sandwich

Miyajima Island Street Food

On Miyajima island there was a load of street food which I apparently didn’t photograph half of. Luckily I did film it so check out the vlog. Here’s the stuff we did manage to get a picture of.


Hiroshima food oysters

I’ve never tried oysters in any form before and Hiroshima and the surrounding areas are famous for them so we had to give them a go. These were grilled and very nice. I’d be interested to see what they’re like raw.

Momiji manjū

Hiroshima food momiji manju

Momiji manjū is a little cake shaped like a maple leaf that is traditionally filled with anko (red bean paste). We did try the original amongst many other flavours but we also got them deep fried (below on the right) and also the version above which I can’t describe. It was like a toastie fellow Brit’s if that makes sense? It had chocolate in it so was amazing!

Also in the below photo is a fried fish cake which was also good. We needed something savoury to balance out all the sugar!

Hiroshima food fishcake

Coffee ice cream

Hiroshima food coffee ice cream

Soft serve seems pretty popular in Japan and Topher was getting a coffee craving so he had to stop for one of these. Look how happy he is.

Conger Eel Steamed Bun

Hiroshima food conger eel bun

This was my slightly weird food item of the day and I have no regrets. I’ve never had eel before so wasn’t sure what kind of taste or texture to expect. Luckily it was meaty and delicious. Topher on the other hand wasn’t so keen. He thinks it’s probably because this was right after his ice cream so the flavours clashed.

And that’s just about everything we ate in Hiroshima. Coming up next, our Tokyo part 2 travel diary.

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  • Ana
    27th November 2019 at 12:37 pm

    We came across your blog and videos while researching for our trip. We took notes of everything and my husband was particularly interested in trying Bikkle. LOL! We arrived last week and since then we were on the pursuit of Bikkle. Today, we finally found it by chance in Kyoto. Thank you so much for all the great info.

    • Diane
      30th November 2019 at 4:48 pm

      Thanks so much! Glad you’ve been enjoying the content. 🙂 x


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