Home Decor Plans 2018

Next month marks two years since Topher and I moved into our first house. Since then we’ve come a long way in decorating but there’s still lots of things left to do. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Guest bedroom

My Office

The Landing

Kitchen Nook

And here’s my plans for 2018:

Living Room

I made a lot of progress with the living room last year but it’s far from done. Which is why I haven’t shown it on the blog yet. If you’re interested in the in between shot, let me know, but otherwise I’m just going to wait until it’s done to show it off.

Here’s the before shots. Since then we’ve gotten laminate wood flooring which matches the kitchen, new sofas, new TV table and storage chest and I painted the walls grey. We’ve got all the base stuff done – it’s just finishing touches left.

The main problem is the walls. The light grey I had in mind did not translate onto the wall. I did everything right – I got a couple of samples and did big patches on the wall. One was way too dark and the other one looked perfect. The only thing was that as I was painting all the walls, I noticed that it looked blue. There’s a blue tinge to it. Nice but not what I was after. That and the fact that the room gets super dark did not help. So as a solution I think I’m going to paint two accent walls white to bring some light in. And possibly a mirror.

Once the walls are sorted, we can finally get some stuff up on the walls. Both Topher and I want to frame our nerdy maps and do a mini gallery wall in one corner – maybe even across two walls like this picture below:

home decor plans 2018 - gallery wall


As well as the frames, we also want to get a shelf up somewhere to display a few things. I know, basic blogger but I don’t care. Since we don’t have a fireplace, we’re left without a mantlepiece to display anything. Not so bad day to day but when it comes to putting up cards at Christmas & birthdays, we’re left in a bit of a bind.



Topher and I have a lot of mugs. A shit tonne of mugs. We use them all too. At the moment we put the small ones on a mug tree and the big ones in a cupboard. They take up too much space and we need a solution. Luckily, I think I have one. I got the inspiration from one of those weekly newsletters and there was a picture of a pegboard. There’s a perfectly sized spot above our kettle that doesn’t have a cupboard so that’s where we’re going to put one. Currently we hang our calendar there but it can go somewhere else. It’s just wasted space.

home decor plans 2018 - pegboard


Of course it would be silly to put up something like that when you still need to paint the walls. Topher wants to paint it a colour but I’m not so sure. The kitchen counters and cupboards don’t really allow for much craziness. I think we’ll just paint it white but if we do include some colour then it will just be in the kitchen nook area of the room. Luckily the room gets a shit load of light during the summer – seriously it’s like a greenhouse in there. Perfect for drying clothes! So we can get away with a bit of colour maybe. We shall see. My first priority is the living room.


Master Bedroom

The main thing I have to do in this room is paint it. The question is, what colour? Topher and I can’t decide and I’m not doing a thing until we do. It’s a small room so it can’t be anything too overpowering. I like the idea of darker colours but I think the room is too small. We could just paint it white but I don’t know. If you have any ideas – let me know! You can see what our bedroom looks like in the link below.

And those floating shelves? They did not work. Bad, bad decision. Our walls are just not strong enough to handle them. Topher’s went down straight away (cheers Pickles) and the one on my side is hanging by a thread. I’m afraid to put a cup of tea on it so it’s useless. I do still want shelves there but they need to have supports. So that’s what we’re going to do this year – get some proper shelves.


Other little things we have in the works

  • Need to continue our gallery wall on the landing – we’ve got a load of frames & prints ready to go, just need to get the hammer and nails out.
  • The guest room bed is super old and uncomfortable (sorry guests!) but luckily my parents are giving us their old (but newer than ours) guest bed. It’s a double so there will be more space in the guest room in future. The current one is a king. And we’ll be getting new bed side tables that match the rest of the room.
  • The garden is getting some TLC this summer.

What are your home decor plans for 2018?

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