How I Organise My Recipes

How I Organise My Recipes

One of my favourite things about Slimming World besides the amazing support is the magazine and it’s recipes. The only downside to buying all the magazines, as well as having numerous other food magazines lying around the house is that they’re lying around the house. I’ve been cooking from scratch for three years now and the amount of magazines I had was ridiculous. So I decided to make a change. Here’s how I organise my recipes.

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I have a recipe notebook that is from Paperchase and is lovely. But I’ve only put in about two recipes so far. And I feel like I have to try and love all the recipes that I will be putting in there. So I had to make a temporary solution.

Every time I get a new food magazine, I flip through and turn down the corner of the page when I see recipes I want to try. Beginning with that makes them a lot easier to find when needed. But then you need to remember which magazine it was in in the first place! After devouring all the articles, the only useful things for me were the recipes that I had turned the corner of the page down on. So I started ripping out those recipes and recycling the magazines. Now what to do with all these paper scraps?

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Of course with me, this is the point that a binder comes in. Paperchase of course! It is my temple after all. I decided that the best way to organise my recipes would be by; beef, chicken, lamb, seafood, vegetarian and dessert. Then depending on what we fancy each week, I could flip through that meat section and see what I could make. Ideal! If you’re more of an A-Z kind of person, you could also organise it that way. Whatever works for you. Each recipe is put inside a plastic wallet that you can take out while you’re cooking. Great if you’re a messy cook like I am – they’re wipe clean!

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This solution is perfect for me to try out the recipes and then see if they’re good enough to put in my much more permanent recipe book. Everything is there in one place but I can remove them and put them in however I wish.

How do you organise your recipes?


  • Katya
    22nd September 2016 at 11:01 am

    Can you just come and organise everything in my life for me?! 🙂

  • bec
    25th November 2016 at 9:24 pm

    I need to organise my recipes too – I’m there just stuffed in a file – in particular order. My chap is v organised and pins recipes e.g. chicken, dessert on his boards.
    p.s. I love slimming world recipes – have really helped me 🙂


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