How I’m Managing My Time During Lockdown

How I’m Managing My Time During Lockdown

I think it’s high time I posted a catch up on here. 

It goes without saying that it’s a weird time to be alive right now. Coronavirus wasn’t on the radar for most of us until this year and it has completely snowballed in the last month. It’s a scary time. But after being on lockdown for the last few weeks it’s become a bizarre new normal.

Since we’re all stuck at home there can be times where the fact that we’re in a global pandemic can slip my mind. But then I look at the news. I only look once a day (a rule I made for myself after an entire week of constant anxious scrolling) and it reminds me what this lockdown is all for.

I’m feeling so grateful that though I personally know people have caught Coronavirus, no one has died from it. The only thing I’ve lost is a holiday and even then it’s not truly lost. It’s nothing in comparison. I can’t even begin to imagine what so many people are going through right now. I have friends who are key workers and am so proud of them. We couldn’t get through this without them. 

This whole pandemic makes you feel helpless. The only thing people like me can do is stay inside and I am sticking to that 100%. So much so that I’m not going out and about for walks. I have a garden and access to workouts on the internet so I’m only pairing going out out with things I need to do. I’m a homebody who isn’t the type to go out for walks around the neighbourhood anyway so why start now? Plus it makes me anxious as hell being out. I’ve been in my car once since lockdown to go do a big food shop (not fun) and then I’ve walked twice when I needed to post something in the post box down the road. 

I continued to go to my office job right up until the day when lockdown was announced that evening. I was so relieved when it was announced as I was full of anxiety having to still go in. This was followed by a couple of days working from home and then a few days of holiday before getting furloughed at the beginning of April. 

It’s now been three weeks that I haven’t had any work to do. I live with my husband Topher who is off as he works in a school. We also have our two cats Luna and Pickles who are very confused why we’re both here.


So what have I been up to?

Learning Arabic

I’m half Arab and I can’t speak Arabic. Slightly awkward. I was recommended Duolingo by a friend so I downloaded it right at the beginning of lockdown. I’m proud to say that I have a 23 day streak of doing about 20 minutes each day.

I’m so happy as it’s one of the few things I do every day without fail. My vocabulary has grown extensively which isn’t hard considering my conversational skills previously included “hello”, “how are you” and “where is the cheese?”. This is something that I will definitely keep up long after all this madness is over.


I took the opportunity to finally get a jump start on my honeymoon scrapbook. Yes I am aware that my honeymoon was in 2017. Better late than never. See my previous scrapbook to see how long it normally takes me to complete these things! I’m doing a page here and there when the mood strikes.

Keeping in touch with friends & family

I’m so thankful that technology allows me to keep in touch with the people I love. FaceTime and WhatsApp calls have been a lifeline. Topher and I got to do a group call with our friends we were supposed to be going to Disney with this month. And we’ve been video chatting while watching Netflix alongside friends for things like Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Organising and planning house projects

Here and there I’ve been trying to organise things in the house that have been on my to list for ages. This includes the garden. My personal pride and joy is our airing cupboard which previously looked like Monica from Friends’ secret cupboard. 

As for projects, at the beginning of lockdown I put in an order for a few DIY bits and pieces so am just waiting for things to arrive. Then I’ll be able to share more. All I’ll say for now is that it involves multiple rooms. Sorry Topher.

Getting my Disney+ and Netflix on

Disney+ came at exactly the right time! And Netflix is my best friend. I’ll do a full post on what I’ve been binging as I know I love hearing other people’s recommendations. Stay tuned. 


I can’t believe this is one of my activities as up until about a year ago I was convinced that I was crap at baking. Ask Topher about the cheesecake I once made and watch him shudder. 

Though I’m no Nigella by any means, I’m really pleased with what I’ve made so far – mainly just chocolate cakes and cookies. Banana bread has not been one of those things. But I do have a sourdough starter in the works! And by works I mean I have the stuff but I need to start it.

Playing games

I’ve got both a jigsaw on the go and Lego Harry Potter on the PS4. It’s nice to have things I can pick up and put down when I feel like it. And it helps prolong things when your cats accidentally knock your entire jigsaw on the floor so you have to start again!

Things I haven’t been doing but want to start

  1. Reading – so weird as I’m such a bookworm and I have a few books sitting unread.
  2. Yoga – I wanted to do loads of yoga but only did one session at the beginning of lockdown. And then nothing. However I’m now on a 2 day streak so fingers crossed I can make this last as long as my Arabic!
  3. Crafting – I finally caved a few days ago and put in an order to get some craft projects on the way so watch this space. I’m so excited.

Though this sounds like a lot to some, I will point out that I have also been taking a lot of time to lie around and do nothing. My philosophy is to do something small each day, no matter what day it is. 

But in all seriousness, what day is it? It does not feel like a Thursday. What have you been up to for lockdown?

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