How To Make A Spooky Halloween Wreath

How To Make A Spooky Halloween Wreath

As I mentioned in my previous Halloween decorations post a couple of weeks ago, I want to add a Halloween wreath to my spooky decorations. I did a little shop and got a few things on my wish list though not a Halloween wreath. After dithering on what kind of wreath to buy, I decided to make my own.

It was surprisingly easy though I did have a little trouble getting my hands on supplies. I went to Hobbycraft and they had almost completely sold out of Halloween stuff. So I improvised.

These were my supplies:

halloween wreath supplies

From the little Halloween stand I got some plastic eyeballs and some plastic spiders. The ribbon I picked out from their extensive ribbon section and the 40cm wreath was from the Christmas section. I actually sprayed the wreath black but it wasn’t a necessary step as you can’t really see it from the front anyway. I also got cobwebs but didn’t end up using them. The only tool I needed was a glue gun (with plenty of hot melt glue sticks to supply it) to put the whole thing together.

The ribbon is a range of different textures in black and purple. I have:

  • Black wide organza ribbon: 2m
  • Purple wide organza ribbon: 2m
  • Wide black velvet ribbon: 2m
  • Thin black and white polka dot ribbon: 2m
  • Medium width black grosgrain ribbon: 2m
  • Wide purple satin ribbon: 3.5m

As for the decorations, if you can’t get your hands on Halloween specific things then improvise. The eyeballs are essentially ping pong balls so you can draw the eye detail on yourself. Or you can attach whatever you can find in the shops. Black card can be cut out into bat shapes, spiders can be made out of pom poms and pipe cleaners – let your imagination run wild!

Here’s how I made my Halloween wreath.

Step One


Cut the ribbon. You will need:

  • Black organza ribbon: 8 lengths about 20cm long
  • Purple organza ribbon: 8 lengths about 20cm long
  • Wide black velvet ribbon: 8 lengths about 20cm long
  • Purple satin ribbon: 16 lengths about 20cm long
  • Medium black grosgrain ribbon: 14 lengths about 12cm long
  • Polka dot ribbon: 6 lengths about 6cm long
  • Polka dot ribbon: 2 lengths about 20cm long

So you should end up with 6 piles of ribbon lengths, and two longer pieces of polka dot ribbon. These two pieces are for part of the bow so put them to one side. Also take two pieces of purple satin ribbon and put them on one side as they are also for part of the bow. There will also be a lot of polka dot ribbon left over, this is for the edge in the middle of the wreath so put this to one side.

Step Two

ribbon loop

So you should have in front of you six piles of ribbon pieces, these are for the main body of the wreath. Each piece of ribbon must now be folded over so it looks like this. Use your glue gun and secure it in between the two ends. Repeat this for all the pieces of ribbon in each of the six piles. You should now have six piles of ribbon loops. Place them to the side in their piles.

Step Three

halloween wreath bow

We’re now going to make the bow. Choose six purple satin ribbon loops from their pile and glue gun them together so they look like the above image. Pick up six black grosgrain ribbon loops from their pile and layer them on top of the purple ribbons so that they look the same but they stick out into the empty space between the purple loops. Next, take the six polka dot loops and do the same again but so that they’re sticking out in the same position as the purple satin loops. It should look like this:

completed bow

The middle is one small loop of the black velvet glued on top with a spider also glued on top. For the long pieces, flip the bow over and glue gun the 2 long purple satin pieces and the 2 long polka dot pieces you put to the side earlier so that they face the correct way. Check the above photo for reference. Put the finished bow to the side.

Step Four

halloween wreath construction

It’s time to start glueing the ribbon loops to the wreath. These will be from the five remaining piles of ribbon loops. In order to make sure that the different kinds of ribbon are evenly distributed, take one pile at a time and place the pieces around the wreath evenly. I like to think of a cake that’s cut into eight slices to help me gage where they should go.

To glue, put a thin line of glue on the bottom of the loop and glue it to the inner part of the wreath – see above photo for reference. Once all the pieces are glued, they should look like the photo below.

it should look like this

Step Five

polka dot ribbon finishing

Take the long length of polka dot ribbon and glue it over the ends of the ribbon loops in the middle of the wreath so it looks like this. Make sure to start and finish it at the bottom as this will be hidden when the bow is placed on top. When it is secure, glue the bow to the bottom of the wreath so it sits comfortably on top and the long ribbons dangly freely.

Step Six

halloween wreath decorations

Time for decorations. Whatever decorations you have, make sure they are adequately spaced around the wreath so they look better than the job I’ve done above! Oops.

And you’re all done. This is the Halloween wreath I made. To hang it I just used one of my wreath hangers from Christmas. Lucky for me it was already black! If you don’t have one of these hangers, some ribbon or string will do the job.

finished halloween wreath

Let me know if you try this tutorial out. And have a spooky Halloween!

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