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I had been to the Ideal Home show over a decade ago with my mum and the only thing I can remember about that is coming home with a popcorn maker. And almost coming home with a juicer.


Since we now have a house of our own, I decided it would be fun for Topher and I to attend the Ideal Home Show when it rolled into Manchester last week. Topher wasn’t so sure. But he quickly changed his mind after seeing the amount of food stalls handing out free samples.


Being the foodie’s that we are, we began in the food section where we worked our way through the various samples of cheese, wine and amazing chicken sausages.


The garden section was particularly inspiring though I don’t think we’d be able to fit one of these gazebos in ours! We did have a giggle over this one as it reminded us of the Tiki Room at Disney World so subsequently we had the tune stuck in our heads for a little while afterwards.




This pod seriously had some hobbit vibes going on. So of course Topher wanted one. He reckons we should just sell our house and live in one of these things. Even though it is literally only one room that you would probably plonk in your garden as some extra space for an office or workshop or something. 


And of course it’s not the Ideal Home Show without seeing someone you used to watch on TV in the 90s. The minute Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen appeared and started advising you not to put your sofa against the wall, we swiftly headed in the other direction. Like our living room is big enough to put the sofa anywhere else! I think I preferred meeting Tommy from Ground Force last time.

Anyway, we managed to walk away without buying anything (like we had any money anyway!) but we did take some fun home décor ideas with us. Though I’m still skeptical about Topher’s idea to make our kitchen look like a Nandos…

Have you ever been to the Ideal Home Show?

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