Updates On My In-Progress Home Decor Projects

Updates On My In-Progress Home Decor Projects

Being at home on furlough during lockdown has been weird. But it has given me the opportunity to get a jump start on home decor projects that I’ve been putting off. I’ve done work on three different rooms as well a couple of mini updates in the entryway. None of the three rooms are completely finished but I thought it might be interesting to show what I’ve achieved so far.

The Main Bedroom

home decor project - main bedroom before

It won’t be the first time (I definitely mentioned it in this post here) but I’ll say it again. I hate the dirty beige colour that every room in our house was when we moved in. So I’ve slowly been getting rid. All three of these rooms have done that so I’m only left with our main bathroom and ensuite that are still that colour. Almost there!

Anyway, back to the main bedroom makeover. This is the before shot. Plain walls. I wanted to wallpaper the wall behind the bed and paint the rest white to give the room a more fresh modern feel. And I think I achieved that!

home decor main bedroom after

I got the lampshade from Dunelm, wallpaper on Ali Express and the mirrors from Amazon. One thing to point out with these mirrors is that they’re more for aesthetic than practicality. They’re basically fun house mirrors so you can get a good laugh at your warped face when you look in them.

So it looks pretty finished right? Wrong, check out our wardrobe below! I snapped this photo while I was still drilling the shelves so excuse the mess. With the room being on the smaller side and us insisting on a king size bed we always had trouble with the doors on our built in wardrobe. So much so that we decided to take them off completely.


My dad then suggested we install mirrored sliding doors to save on space so we ordered some with the idea that he would come over to help. We could have managed it with social distancing but with Manchester being on a tighter lockdown for the time being that plan is on the back burner. So the giant mirror doors live on their side up our stairs for now. Literally the only place big enough to keep them without them being in the way!

The Downstairs Bathroom

home decor bathroom before

So our house is a newer build and for some reason there are three bathrooms. Pretty excessive given the fact that our dining space is small to make way for this one. I get the need for it as it’s disabled friendly (wide doors, lots of space, downstairs, etc.) but they could have done away with the ensuite upstairs maybe? I don’t know. If this was a forever home we would have moved the wall to make it smaller. So we’re using it as a bathroom come store room.

The idea for this room was kind of a whim and what started my whole lockdown home decor project kick. I saw this cool Disney wallpaper on Homebase and it spiralled from there. Here’s the “after” though it’s not finished yet.

home decor project bathroom after

The bottom half is black and the top half was the Mickey Mouse hands wallpaper. I thought a smaller room would be a good place for the wallpaper as it’s pretty loud! The very camouflaged cupboard in the corner is from Ikea. I also removed the lower shelf on the right.

I bought some coving which you can see a little on the back wall. I’m going to paint it black and it’s going to separate the wallpaper and the painted wall. I just need to borrow my dad’s band saw for the tricky corners.

To finish off the room I want to replace the lino floor. It’s very worn and is coming up in loads of places. There happens to be enough extra flooring from when we got the living room floor done so the whole downstairs will match. Once again I will need my dad’s saw for the tricky bits around the toilet and sink.

The skirting also needs repainting but I’m waiting for a period of weather when it’s not chucking it down for days on end. Rain isn’t ideal for ventilation purposes – I can’t open windows and doors wide without everything getting soaked.

The Kitchen

home decor project kitchen before
kitchen before

Now for the big one. The kitchen. This one was also a bit of a whim. I’ve always disliked the style of the kitchen – cupboards are fine but the worktop is very bleh to me. So when I was getting paint for the bedroom and wallpaper I continued browsing Homebase’s website and saw worktop paint. So of course the cogs began to turn…

Painting a worktop is a lengthy process so definitely isn’t something to be entered into lightly. There had to be 24 hours left between coats and the top seal and then it had to be left to dry completely for almost a week I think it was. So I waited until there was a week or so of sunshine (end of May) and then got to work.

kitchen worktop done

It’s not perfect but I was really pleased with how much better it looked already. I also sealed around the sink and hob with black sealant but I did such a terrible job (at least aesthetically) that I will need to redo it at some point. Not even going to show you what it looks like now as it’s just plain embarrassing!

Anyway…the next job was painting the walls. Luckily the weather was really holding up. Weird for early June. It was a bit scary when I opened the very pink looking tin of paint but after the initial shock both Topher and I loved it. It came up more red on the wall like we wanted.

Now for the cupboard doors! It was a big job as I decided for safety I would have to remove them all, paint them and then screw them all back on. It wasn’t until almost the end of June when I got another opening of enough days of sunshine in a row to do it.

Check out the door graveyard!

home decor cupboard doors painting

I also had to paint the outside of the carcasses that were visible. What a mess! Chaotic is definitely a word to describe my kitchen when it has no doors!

kitchen cupboard doors missing

But it was worth it in the end!

home decor project kitchen after

I can’t believe the difference. It’s safe to say that I’m in love with our new kitchen. I added a tile border using vinyl tiles I found on Etsy. The shelving unit is from an online shop called The Farthing so we can store our ever expanding mug collection and there’s also a hanging plant on it now so it adds a bit of greenery to the room. And the new door and drawer handles are from Amazon.

I do plan on at some point going over the cupboard doors with a white spray paint for laminate doors as I’m not 100% happy with the finish on them. The brush strokes are too obvious when you see them in person. Another home decor project for another day.

I also want to add some beading to the edge of the laminate wood floors. Our living room has it but the kitchen doesn’t and you can see all kinds of gaps at the edges around of the room. I’ll probably also give the skirting a lick of fresh paint while I’m there.

kitchen gallery wall

Finally I redid my dining area gallery wall to add in some newer prints. I was really pleased with it until I realised that though it does line up with the radiator, the radiator is not in the middle of the wall… Oh well!

The Hallway

hallway gallery wall

I spy a rogue mirror door on the stairs! The gallery wall in the hallway is a work in progress. This is what it looked like the last time we added something. I got a few new prints and photos so moved a few things around and now this section all joins up. One day it will go all the way up the stairs.

hallway shoe cupboard

And finally also in the hallway/entry way, we got a shoe cupboard. I was sick of seeing our shoes in a pile in this corner so finally did something about it. Thanks Ikea.

And that’s all my home decor projects I’ve been doing during lockdown.

Have you worked on any home decor projects this year?

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