January 2016: The Highs and the Lows

As of this year, I am a freelancer. Is it just me or are loads of people making the leap from corporate jobs to freelance or starting their own businesses this year? Maybe it’s just the people I follow on social media but this year I am one of them.

Last time I was unemployed in 2013, I opened an Affleck’s shop and made a lot of mistakes that lead to me closing it three months later. After that I fell into a pit of depression, which didn’t lift until another three months later when I got a job in London.

This time I made big plans. I’m going to freelance and I’m going to get my stationary shop off the ground after letting it sit there for the second half of last year. I’m going to be an illustrator/social media manager/virtual assistant. I made my lists and hit the ground running when January 1st rolled around.

However, as much as I want this time to be different and as hard as I worked in the first couple of weeks in January – I found myself slipping back into my old ways. Staying up late, getting up late, feeling demotivated and procrastinating. I did get some of my to do list done but nowhere near as much as I wanted. My health problems with my back and arms have not gone anywhere so I’ve been suffering with that and have not been taking care of my posture.

I recently read a blog post of Fran’s where she was expressing similar feelings of January not being the month she wanted it to be. So I’m jumping board with her motion of “February is the new January”. Just because the first month didn’t go that great, it doesn’t mean the rest of the year should follow suit. You should just decide to make a change today and do something.

Firstly, look at everything you accomplished last month. Here’s what I did:

  • I walked 16 miles, then 18 miles another day to begin training for the London to Brighton Trek
  • I de-cluttered my office so I can actually use it now.
  • Topher and I booked our wedding venue and wedding photographer.
  •  I finally tidied up my Pinterest account.
  • I secured my first couple of freelance contracts and designed a logo for someone – see below.

Coulton Crafts logo

So my main goal for February is to secure some more clients for freelance work. I got paid my final paycheck from my old job so I now have to go hustle. Bills need to be paid. Therefore, if you or someone you know happen to need a new blog header/logo, your social media strategy kick starting or some boring admin tasks doing for your blog or creative business then contact me through my hire me page.

Let’s kick Februarys ass!

How did your January go and what are your plans for this month?

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