Lush bath bomb: Golden Egg

Lush bath bomb: Golden Egg
I’m officially a magpie. My eyes caught this glittery bath bomb while in Lush the other weekend and I had to try it out. 


The Golden Egg is part of Lush’s easter range which includes some really fun products like carrot shaped bubble bars & cute bunny ones too. 
I have to say when I popped this in my bath, I was a tad bit disappointed. Maybe it’s because all the other bath bombs I’ve purchased from Lush have made a lovely fizzy explosion when they hit the water. 
This one fizzed quite leisurely…



I did love the shimmer of the glitter though.




It turned the water a bright yellow colour as expected and I immediately felt better after smelling it. It has a gorgeous honey and toffee fragrance that made me want to eat it a little bit. Apparently it smells like their soap Honey I Washed the Kids so I may be tempted to try that out sometime. 


It also left my skin shimmery which I enjoyed. So the smell and the glitter definitely made up for the leisurely fizzing. I would buy it again.
Have you tried any of Lush’s Easter range?

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