I tried the Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb: A Review

I tried the Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb: A Review

Patiently waiting in the queue, four bath bombs in hand in the temple that is Lush, I reached the front where I was greeted with “Doing your Christmas shopping? Who are these for?” 

“Me” *smiles*

At this point I had finished my Christmas shopping so I could happily say that I had got myself something, or a few things I should say. To be fair, I could use the relaxation time after the last couple of months. Plus I just couldn’t decide between the different Christmas products. They only come once a year you know!

I picked up Northern Lights (review to come soon), Butterbear (haven’t used yet!), Golden Wonder (a personal favourite of mine – I call it the Wizard Bath) and Father Christmas.


I really enjoy the fact that I don’t usually read reviews of Lush bath bombs too in depth before making my choice of purchase (ironic right?). That means that I get the surprise of what happens when I drop one of these beauties into my bath. This one in particular was awesome. 

As I tend to follow my eyes and nose, I was drawn to the Father Christmas bath bomb. First off, how can you say no to that face? And second, omg it smells like Snow Fairy. Sold. 

As expected, when I dropped Father Christmas into my bath, I was met with a surge of pink bubbles. According to the website, it’s supposed to be bright red but this didn’t bother me. It just reminded me more of Snow Fairy.
Until the water began to turn green that is! What a fun surprise – I’m now imagining an alien Santa, which in my books is pretty damn awesome.
It literally turned the bath a Hulk green colour. 
Of course it didn’t click at the time (since there was no red) but green and red are quite festive aren’t they? Ha ha.
I want to try the Holly Golightly bubble bar next. 
What’s your favourite product from the Lush Christmas range?

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