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I think the Manchester Evening News hit the nail right on the head when they described MilkJam as a “Gluttonous pleasure palace”. That’s the only way I’m going to describe it from now on.

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Situated on Oxford Road as a pop up store, MilkJam is the home of three awesome staples; Ice cream from Ginger’s Comfort Emporium, cakes from BakeOrama and brownies from Lushbrownies.

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Yesterday, my friends and I found ourselves in Manchester city centre and nowhere near MilkJam. So naturally, we decided to make the journey (long and perilous it is not) across town to pay it a visit for the first time. It’s been around since July this year and I’ve been dying to go there.

MilkJam 8

MilkJam 9

The cakes are ever changing from what I’ve read but I had an oreo peanut butter cake with doughnuts and caramel. My friends had bubblegum (the one with the dog face) and one that was chocolate and had a cherry pie baked into it! (not pictured)

MilkJam 11

MilkJam 10

Now I must warn you sugar lovers, these are not for the faint hearted. The icing alone will send you into a diabetic coma. But I’m never one to shy away from a challenge. I’m glad I took it to take away! It was perfect for a Gilmore Girls marathon on the sofa that evening. Though getting up to go pick Topher up from work was definitely difficult!

MilkJam 12

I was really happy with my choice. Though I’m always a peanut butter on everything kind of girl, I do usually find it sickening after a few bites. The sponge in this cake was very light and the perfect amount of sweet. The icing however, though delicious, finished me off! But as usual with anything sweet, I enjoy, regret and then in the coming days crave more. It’s a vicious circle but I’m totally ok with that.

Next time I have my eye on the brownies!

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