Mini-moon at The Mere

Topher and I spent our wedding night and remaining weekend at The Mere Resort

Topher’s mum very generously gifted us a two night stay at The Mere; a gorgeous hotel in the Cheshire countryside. We arrived about 2 in the morning and in our room we were surrounded by just married decorations! I’ll say now that my photos in this post are pretty terrible so sorry in advance!

The Mere - hotel room

The next morning we got up early to partake in the breakfast buffet. Have I mentioned how much I love hotel breakfast buffets? They are the best and this one was no exception! Afterwards we headed back to the room to open up all our cards, presents and read the guest book. I definitely recommend bringing all this stuff to the hotel with you as it is such a great way to start your marriage – knowing how loved you are by your friends and family.

The Mere - rings

Btw how cool is this key holder Topher’s auntie and uncle gave us?!

The Mere - presents

I had grand plans of using The Mere’s spa facilities but I’ll be honest and say we slept a good chunk of the day! The combo of dancing all night and adrenaline rush from the day equaled a hangover like feeling even though I barely drank anything all day. In fact, after the wedding breakfast I was downing water all night. So the sleep was much appreciated.

The Mere - outside

How gorgeous is this hotel? I love the combo of the old building with the newer extensions. Lots of exposed brick is something I’m a fan of. The Mere is a golf and spa resort which has two restaurants and beautiful grounds.

The Mere - lobby

The Mere - glass roof

I booked an afternoon tea at Browns on groupon which was delicious. It was the perfect amount of cakes and I liked that they did mini scones as the regular sized ones tend to finish me off.

The Mere - prosecco

The orange cake on the right tasted just like a solero!

The Mere - afternoon tea

So serious!

The Mere - topher

Cue awkward holding of my glass so I could show off my rings!

The Mere - diane

Then it was back to the room for another sleep and we also watched a film on the TV. Zoolander 2 if you must know.

The Mere - corridor

The Mere - hallway

Then we had dinner at The Club Lounge so we could take advantage of the lake view. We had baked camembert to start and then Topher had fish and chips and I had a smoked haddock pasta dish. It was nice but very filling!

The Mere - dinner

Afterwards we headed outside to take some photos.

The Mere - lake

The Mere - golf course

The Mere - outside back


The Mere - topher & diane

Then back to the room for MOAR sleep. All our families were meeting up on the Sunday but we decided to spend our first day of marriage together just the two of us. I’m so glad we did. Especially since we had to get up early on the Monday to get Topher back to work.

Here’s hoping we get to revisit The Mere one day and spend the majority of our time actually being conscious. I want to try out the spa!

If you haven’t seen it, here’s my post on our wedding day and the video.


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