My Mini Weekend Haul: Wedding outfits and Spring Essentials

My Mini Weekend Haul: Wedding outfits and Spring Essentials

This weekend I had a mission. Get shoes to match dress for my cousin’s wedding. This was a difficult task. Typical me, I had to pick a dress which had a colour scheme that is insanely difficult to find in the shops this time of year. 


I decided to wear the dress on the left. As much as I love the one on the right, it’s not right for this wedding. The other is better for a Muslim wedding. 
So the best choice for footwear would have to be that dark silver/pewter/rhodium kind of colour. Very difficult post Christmas to find. 
After giving up on the high street, I took the opportunity of living in Wembley and started browsing all the Indian sari shops. 


By some miracle I happened upon these shoes that were the exact colour, size and they were on sale! Score. They are very bling but they will fit in nicely. Crisis over. Now all I need is a bag…
The Primark at Wembley is a small one but I popped in during my shoe hunt and found a few treasures.


Desert boots for my upcoming holiday. We are actually going to be staying in the desert for a night or two and I have no appropriate shoes so these fit the bill. 

IMG_3931 2

I’ve been on the hunt for a parka recently as I don’t have anything waterproof for my training walks. We all know how unpredictable the weather is here in the UK. I got hailed on yesterday while wearing this parka so job done. Plus look how cute the little umbrellas are! I will be getting an actual coat (and hiking boots!) for the trek so this will do me fine until then.


And finally I can’t say no to a nice necklace. It will be worn with tshirts & jeans and will also look great with my maxi-dresses. 
So excited for my holiday! 4 full days left to go!

Have you found any lovelies in the shops recently?

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