My 2020 Planner Set Up

My 2020 Planner Set Up

After falling for the Happy Planner last July, I couldn’t wait to start setting up my 2020 planner. My first full year of planning. I’m such a nerd but I’m enjoying the organisation it’s given me as well as a creative outlet.

For those who are unaware of the Happy Planner you can learn all about it here. Not sponsored or anything, I just really like it and want to share!

I brought all my supplies with me over Christmas and spread them over my parents dining room table. It was a few days after Christmas day so I didn’t have to worry about getting in anyone’s way.

So here’s my set up for my 2020 planner:

I am planning on replacing the cover with something else as I don’t really want to think about 2019 anymore. But for now I just made a motivational page to slot inside as my first page. Did anyone else really enjoy Frozen 2? As you can tell I preferred Show Yourself over Into the Unknown!

planner motivation

Then the next page was for my goals which I blogged about here.

2020 goals
2020 goals

I’d seen other people cover pages with quotes so I decided to do the same as it’s always nice to have a pick me up when you need a boost of motivation. I’m really pleased that everything fit on the page well as there was a point when I wasn’t sure if they would!


Setting up for the month

I had to add in my own addition to the January tab page. I love the snow but I hate having to drive to work in it. It only leads to disaster.

January tab page

I bought these Mary Poppins stickers off of Etsy last year and finally saw a good chance to use them. I’m definitely not a sticker hoarder – at least not in the way buying stickers I never use because they’re too pretty. I have a large sticker (and washi tape) collection and believe it’s all there to be used otherwise what’s the point in spending all that money?

This spread is (almost) before the pen so it’s going to get written all over as the month goes on.

January monthly spread

As part of my 2020 goals I wanted to track my moods, so here is the tracker I made. Not sure if I’ll stick with this particular design all year but it will do the job for now. I’ve made it so that I can use it for the whole year so will see how it goes.

planner mood tracker

I didn’t make a content calendar as such for this blog, more of a list of posts I’m going to do. I also took notes of how many followers I had on each platform so I can track it throughout the year. This insert is just a small strip of note paper. I actually have my YouTube videos on the other side. There’s only two of them though!

blog planner

Setting up for the week

My first week of 2020 ended up being pretty pink. Ironic considering how much I used to hate the colour. I took most things from the Stargazer sticker book which I adore. This is obviously a before the pen shot!

first week spread

Here you can see a little bit of how I filled out half of the week but I took the photo to show my meal planner. This was taken from an extension set and I love it. It has space on the right to do a shopping list which is so helpful. So now I just get one of these pages out when I’m planning the meals and the food shop.

The back of this page has snack ideas and recipe/meal prep – though I haven’t used that side for anything yet. I was going to use it to do food diaries but I decided I need more space and have used a whole other Happy Planner notebook which I’ll do a future post on.

meal planner spread

This is my spread before the pen for this week. I’ve already scribbled all over this but I like how it looks both before and after.

second week spread

And finally this is how I plan for future months. I use little stickie notes to pop things in and then when the month rolls around I decorate it and write everything down in pen. This means I can move things around and change it up until then which I like.

next month

I also have a budget tracker but I will also save this for a future post as it needs its own.

So that’s how I set up my 2020 planner. Do you have a planner?

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