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My birthday & what gifts I got

My birthday & what gifts I got


So I pretty much got cash for my birthday apart from a couple of things from my parents and brother so I got to go wild in The Trafford Centre last Friday. Left to right I got: 2 pairs of wide leg trousers from Zara (sale!), a massive file from Paperchase, beautiful dress from Warehouse (how gorgeous is that print?) in the sale which I’ll be taking to Jordan with me next month, a bucket of multicolour felt tip pens, stickers, letter holder, Lush face masks, Travel listography book and Topshop skirt in the sale.


What I gather from this haul is that I’m a childish stationary nerd who enjoys clothes sales. Accurate!


I’ve been wanting to organise all my paperwork for ages and my current wide file is really flimsy so I was after something more heavy duty. This file from Paperchase is perfect and I love the print. It’s reverse on the inside too.


Since I wasn’t getting my spa day anytime soon (though my colleagues got me a replacement one for my birthday! So sweet!) I decided to make a mini one at home and get a couple of face masks from Lush. I’ve tried Cupcake before but Oatifix is new to me so keep an eye out as I’ll be reviewing both in the next couple of weeks.


Once again, these stickers were on sale and I couldn’t resist the cuteness! 27 years old people – be jealous.


That’s right I get excited about pens that say hello on them. In fact, if anything says hello on it then it’s in my shopping basket.


As for this Travel Listography book, I’m a big fan of Waterstone’s list & journal books they have out at the moment. There are loads to choose from but I settled on the Travel one as I have both travelled a lot in the past and am wanting to in the future. Basically my memory is so incredibly bad, I can’t remember half of the things I did on my travels so this book is perfect to start documenting so I never lose those memories. And how nice is the print on the inside page? I wouldn’t mind a dress in that print.

I didn’t take many photos at all on my actual birthday but managed to get a couple of shots of my lunch at Barburrito. Being a blogger, it’s my duty to let you know what I ingest on a weekly basis. So what meal did I have on my 27th birthday? Burritos. Not the fanciest of foods but oh my gosh they were freaking delicious and I don’t regret a single mouthful. Topher’s mum and sister also raved about theirs for the rest of the day.



So a quick update on Topher. I dropped him off at the hospital at 7.30am that morning. They said it would be awhile and it sure was! He was last on the all day list and finally went into surgery around 2pm. He had keyhole surgery that went well and he is recovering nicely though is still in a fair bit of pain. But it’s all worth it. His hernia is repaired and we can look forward to our Florida holiday in peace!

So here’s to a birthday we both won’t forget in a hurry!


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