My Dream Garden Mood Board: For The Eventual Update

My Dream Garden Mood Board: For The Eventual Update

When it comes to our garden, we’ve really made progress in the last couple of years but you wouldn’t think to look at it. At least in my opinion. We put down new grass last summer and got a new fence after this happened at the beginning of 2020.

garden fence disaster

This should have been a sign of what was to come…

Otherwise it’s just been about keeping the grass healthy and trying to maintain the plants around the border which are really overgrown. I think with the weather starting to turn that I won’t be able to get anything else done in the garden this year.

So I’m looking forward to Spring/Summer 2021 which is when I plan on turning the garden into our dream garden.

Here’s my mood board.

garden mood board

After I weed and cut all the plants around the borders I want to get a pretty border around the edge of the grass like this white one. I just want it to look neater.

The apple tree in the back left corner of the garden is just surrounded by a load of soil so I want to make it look more polished by adding these slate chippings on the ground around it. It will make it much easier to gather the apples as they fall off the tree too.

Both Topher and I love fresh herbs and we want to grow our own eventually. So having a shelving unit like this one up against the house would be great to house our collection.

And finally some decorative touches. We have a bracket on the house but no basket hanging from it so that’s on the wish list. Some fairy lights are on the board simply because I love the aesthetic of it. There’s a lot of plants already in the garden but once there’s a bit more room in the borders I want to plant some sunflowers. It was always something I wanted as a kid.

And that’s the plan!

I realise that I made a garden wish list back when we bought the house here. So that was interesting to read. My ideas have changed slightly but not too much. I think I’m just more realistic now with what I know we can get done in this garden.

Though it’s going to be a long time before our garden is done, I can’t wait. Topher and I have never been garden people (this is our first one together) but we sat in it the other day and it was lovely. So fingers crossed for next year!

Do you have a garden? What’s on your dream garden wish list?

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