My 2020 Halloween Decorations & A Dream Wish List

My 2020 Halloween Decorations & A Dream Wish List

It’s Halloween month guys! And that means Halloween decorations. Though I’m not a fan of the cold weather and the darkness etc. I love Halloween. It’s impressive how few Halloween decorations we have considering how much both Topher and I love the holiday. I’m hoping to expand our collection this year since we’ll actually be home for Halloween this year.

Here are our current decorations

halloween kitty

I totally got this because it reminded me of Luna. I got this from TK Maxx last year and I love it.

poison apple

This poison apple tea light is from the Disney Store. I’m pretty sure you can still get it this year too.


This tea light is from Home Bargains.

halloween decorations

This bunting is also from Home Bargains.

halloween sign

Shock horror, also from Home Bargains

halloween decorations sign

And this sign is also from Home Bargains.

Thats all of our current Halloween decorations and they’re only in living room. I would love to have enough decorations to spread throughout the house one day. I also like the idea that I’ve seen over the last few years of a Halloween tree but we can’t even have a Christmas tree in this house. So that’s a no go!

The Future Halloween Decorations Wish list

halloween decorations wish list
  1. Purple Wreath, £60 – Wonderstruck by Jacqui @
  2. Halloween Town Sign, £5.99 – Haus of Zombie @
  3. Bat Backdrop, £4.90 – Hooray Days @
  4. Bat Wreath, £14.90 – Mimi Kati Handmade @
  5. Pumpkin Trinket Dish, £5 – The Pink Llama Co @
  6. Boo Print, £5.95 – The Little Home Shop GB @
  7. Ghost figure, £16 – Dimensional Designs GB @
  8. Spiderweb Cloth, £4.79 – Redstar Online Gifts @
  9. Kitchen Plaque, £9 – Vintage Sign Boutique @
  10. Boo Wreath, £22.72 – Creative Soul Svitlana @

Most of this stuff is very affordable and I love the fact that they’re all handmade. So fingers crossed I’ll be able to get my hands on them in the near future.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

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