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My Holiday Scrapbook Update

My holiday scrapbook update

It’s been a few weeks since I last worked on my scrapbook from our Florida holiday but I’m hoping this post showing my progress so far will spur me on to continue.

The majority of the supplies I used were from when I had a subscriptions to A Beautiful Mess’s Messy Box. Though all the washi tapes used were things I sourced individually.

I’ve never actually made a scrapbook before (started a couple, sure) but I love both the visual and story telling elements of them. It’s nice to have somewhere to jot down little memories of fun times. So that’s what I did on this page. Going to Magic Kingdom on the first day was a big thing for all of us. For a few, it was their first time laying their eyes on the castle and it was pretty emotional.

That’s something I really enjoy, introducing people to new things, or even re-introducing people to things they had long forgotten about. This was the 6th trip I had taken people to a Disney park for the first time and I just can’t get enough of the look on people’s faces. It’s truly magical.

Topher was a big fan of the second breakfast sticker!

I just love how colourful and fun the stickers I used were.

True story. My friend’s first character interaction was with Mary Poppins at Epcot and my oh my was she mean! She told us off for not being ready and I get that Mary Poppins is supposed to be strict but it was a world away from the last time Topher, Emma and I met her. It was a bit of a shame but we all laugh about it now.

I am so proud of Emma for trying escargot. Considering how much of a picky eater she used to be it’s amazing how much progress she has made in the last few years. 4 out of the 7 of us tried it and I think for me that will be the last time! Ick.


Luna is a big fan of my work. But mainly she’s a big fan of the washi tapes I use!

So when it comes to organising my scrapbook, I created a little method for myself. I had my favourite photos from the trip printed, then I put them in the order I wanted (by day and by theme) and started placing them on the pages in the positions I wanted. Once I was happy, I would paperclip/bulldog clip the photos to the page and carry on. Once all the photos were assigned to pages I went through my scrapbook supplies and assigned certain papers and stickers to particular pages. Those were added to the paperclips and from there I could work on whatever pages I wanted, whenever I wanted.

It is a perfect way to store my scrapbook as it means I can carry it around the house without all the loose stuff falling out. there are a fair few pages that don’t have any extra elements assigned yet but that’s part of the fun. As my supply grows, I can add to the book.

I am promising myself that I will work on this every Sunday. It’s therapeutic and I enjoy it.

Have you ever made a scrapbook?

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