My Honeymoon Scrapbook Progress: New York

My Honeymoon Scrapbook Progress: New York

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m currently (finally!) working on my scrapbook for Topher & I’s honeymoon. It was an epic 2 week vacation where we visited New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can read all my posts on them here.

So in this post I’ll be focusing on the pages I’ve done so far which are our first few days in New York. We started and ended in New York so there will be another New York post later on. I would describe my scrapbook style as cluttered. I’m definitely no minimalist! The more the merrier when it comes to things I include.

honeymoon scrapbook

Though I have a bunch of scrapbook supplies, something I have found really helpful with this scrapbook is all my newer planner supplies. There have been so many stickers that I could incorporate in this scrapbook so I’m pretty thankful for my planner addiction!

This first spread is representing our travel day and our first evening in New York. We got in about 5 or 6 in the evening and could have crashed in our hotel but we went up the Empire State Building and grabbed some pizza.

I love incorporating things like receipts and ticket stubs in my scrapbooks and get very excited when they’re aesthetically pleasing. The Empire State Building ticket was my favourite bit of this spread.

scrapbook first night

At some point last year I stumbled upon a pack of city washi tapes in Hobby Craft so was happy to finally be able to use the New York one below.

statue of liberty scrapbook

It was such a grey day so I’m glad we packed some layers in for this trip. It ended up raining in the evening when we reached Times Square so we hid in the Disney store for a bit.

Whenever I can I try and use things like journalling cards or planner stickers in this case to write a little memory in my scrapbooks. My memory is atrocious so it will be nice to look back on in the future. Maybe when I get up to date with my scrapbooks I’ll be able to put more memories in future ones. As obviously I’m trying to remember things three years on.

doughnuts and times square

We were only in New York for two full days on the first part of the trip so we definitely packed a lot in. Since we spent the morning in the Natural History Museum I grabbed an extra map so that I could keep it nice to include it. We mainly hung out with the dinosaurs.

east village & museum

I took an entire double page spread for our helicopter tour as I had this Manhattan map picture in my scrapbook box. I got it in one of A Beautiful Mess‘ scrapbook boxes that they used to do years ago. Glad my hoarding paid off!

helicopter ride

My final New York spread was dedicated to our evening where we saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I kept the playbill and only stuck the back page down so we can still flip through it in years to come. I’m also really pleased I got to use my piano washi tape – it just makes me smile!

phantom of the opera

As much as I enjoy flipping through photo albums, there’s just something so personal about a scrapbook. Looking forward to doing the rest.

Next up, San Francisco!

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