My ideal home – a mood board

My ideal home – a mood board
I don’t understand people who can live in all white minimalist homes. My life and possessions have always been full of colour and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My next home (number 24 I think?) is a big beautiful 3 bed house in Manchester and even though I’m only renting so no decorating is allowed, I’m know we’re one step closer to owning our own house which we will have free reign over. Let the dreaming begin. 


Source – I don’t think this is the original source so if this is your photo please contact me so I can credit you.
Considering that I rock a lot of polka dots, it almost goes without saying that I will be needing a polka dot wall. I don’t care where, I just need one. 


These tiles are a world away from the same old standard ones I’ve seen in just about every bathroom that I have had over the years. I just love how fresh and modern they look.


This living room is lovely. The hardwood floors and white walls really make the furniture and ethnic ornaments pop. This is just the type of look that I would want to achieve with my own home. This reminds me of some of the things I have picked up on my travels like my Indian patchwork wall hanging (which one of these days will eventually end up on a wall).


Source – I don’t think this is the original source so if this is your photo please contact me so I can credit you.
For the past 12 or so years, I have been waiting to document my travels on a wall. It will look like this only brighter and more like a collage. No neat frames allowed! 



My ultimate house wish has always been to have my own office/walk in wardrobe. This would probably be the room that I go wild in terms of decor. Since it will be my room, I can decorate how I want and that may or may not include the colour that Topher hates the most, mwhahahaha. 
What does your dream home look like?

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  • Gemma James
    29th October 2014 at 6:13 pm

    I love this post! I cant wait for the days of no more renting and free reign on the décor! Im like you, my house is filled with colour! I love the polkadot walls in the topic, and the framed doggy pic!

    Gemma xx


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