My Week #15

It’s felt like a really busy couple of weeks but as usual the majority of the busyness happens all at once. Last Friday I went to my first Freelance Friday at Zieferblat. Though it costs 5p a minute there, the wifi is amazing (which seriously counts for me and my horrific home connection) and you can’t put a price on networking with other freelancers. It’s a nice excuse to get out of the house and I loved it so much that I returned yesterday. Us freelancers should stick together.

So that same weekend I went out on Saturday to two blogger events, Sunday went out at lunchtime for afternoon tea for Topher’s mum’s birthday and then ended up staying out until after 11 drinking many many cocktails. Wahaca may have also happened. Three days in a row for lots of people interactions. It was safe to say that my introverted self was exhausted! I wouldn’t swap it for anything. Though we are now skint!

In other news I took a bath, devoured a book and spent some time with my fur babies. I can’t believe we’ve only lived in this house for just over a month. It seriously feels like home. We’ve officially finished unpacking – the guest room is all unpacked and so is my office. Though these are going to be the first to be decorated due to the storage issues we have in them. I’m not sure when the decorating is going to occur – money is tight so we’ll have to see. Everything is sitting about all over the place but on the bright side, no more cardboard boxes!

Slimming World has been going ok. Only lost 4lbs so far but considering I managed to lost 1lb after the weekend with all the food and alcohol, I’m impressed. We’re completely back on it this week and my goal is to lose 3 so I can get my half stone award. Topher and I made an agreement with ourselves that we would lose a stone each before going to Jordan in July so that’s perfectly achievable. As of yesterday we started a new tradition – Pizza Friday. I can’t believe I never made a pizza before and it was so amazingly delicious even though it was a Slimming World one. I put a photo on instagram but I think I might do a recipe post in the next couple of weeks. It was so easy to make!

On the freelancing side, I’ll be honest and admit I’ve let things slip a little. I need to make sure that I’m constantly looking for new business as I don’t have enough clients yet to make up an income. Must get my arse into gear. And the same for Polkadot Party, I need to get making again and get some new stuff on the shop. As for Nomad Seeks Home, I think I’m going to look into affiliate marketing or something. Multiple revenue streams are a must. Girl’s gotta eat. Motivation is so hard sometimes but when I do get a burst of it, I need to take advantage of it. Like right now. Let’s do this!

How has your week been?

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