My week: 20

My week: 20
Overall an average week but I did get a nice weekend and a nice evening out with friends.


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*Had a curry at Spicy Hut in Rusholme. The chicken was delicious! (hee hee)
*Axl curling up. Look he’s smiling!
*Blue Lagoon and Purple Rain pitchers. Love!
*My bf’s garden seems to have suddenly grown. I do like dandelions though.
*Boo to you! Yes I know it’s no where near Halloween.
*Decor at the pub. Wallpaper on the ceiling, why not?
On Thursday we went for drinks and a curry in Rusholme. Be warned, if you ever go to Spicy Hut – they like their pranks! I may have squealed when our “free bread” turned out to be a rubber chicken. In my defence, Claire lifted the lid slow so the rubber leg just shot out. I enjoyed the meal and it was great to see people again. Since most of my friends are still students I feel like I miss out on seeing them since I work. But I need to make more of an effort, and it will start when I move in just over a month!
Yesterday I spent a lovely day with the bf shopping for presents for my 12 cousins as I’m travelling to see my family in July. I can’t wait. Even though he grumbled, I think the bf did pretty well on a busy Saturday in Manchester city centre.
Today I started tidying my room and attempting to downsize my stuff. Think I’m going to have to do a massive car boot. And I’m clearing out my wardrobe. There’s actually a few nice things in there that either don’t fit or I don’t wear so I don’t know whether to try and sell them here on my blog or just ebay them. Would you be interested? They’re about a size 14 or 12.
I’m also trying to get organised for the week ahead with this blog and my shops so I can have a bit more downtime. That and I’ve started reading Game of Thrones! Can’t believe how late it is already, I’d better get to bed since I’ve got to be up at 6am. Don’t you just love Mondays, ha ha.
How was your week? 


  • Michelle
    20th May 2012 at 10:40 pm

    Waa I haven’t been out for a curry in absolutely ages! I never found a ‘nice’ curry place in Southamps, so will def have to indulge now that I’m home. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend sweet, and thank you for your comment on my blog! xx

    • Nomad
      22nd May 2012 at 7:10 pm

      It’s always fun trying to find a new curry place. Since we have the curry mile here, me and the bf can never remember which places we’ve actually been to, ha ha. Thanks for the comment 🙂 x

  • Sparkly Flamingo
    21st May 2012 at 1:33 pm

    I haven’t been for a curry in a while either! I love the comedy chicken haha we don’t have any “comedians” near us! Hope you have had a lovely weekend. Shopping for 12 sounds manic! x

    • Nomad
      22nd May 2012 at 7:12 pm

      Thanks, it was. And when shopping for 12 the trick is to just make snap decisions. You get out quicker and your man grumbles less! 🙂 x


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