My week: 21

My week: 21
Now I know I wished for summer to come, but wow. There wasn’t even an adjustment period there – just boom, it’s hot now. I may have been a bit under prepared there and I’m sure I’m not the only one!


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*Loads more dandelions appeared in my bf’s garden. Love them.
*Never get up when there are cats in the house, one is bound to steal your place.
*Lilac nails! I love Rimmel 60 second nail polish.
*An illustration I’m working on my iPad at the moment during my lunch breaks. That background colour is not the final one, just a mistaken tap but I thought it was kinda cool so I snapped a pic to remember it.
*Fruit pastel lolly at Chester Zoo today.
*Lots of ideas! My creative juices are flowing (yes I did just say that…sorry).
*Not part of my usual job but I got to go competition shopping on Friday. How funky is that telephone cushion? And that heart one is made up of pics of buttons!
An absolutely boiling week and a packed weekend. Friday, I hung out with Claire and her sister Amy where we watched Once upon a time (addicted!). Saturday I went back round to hang out with the bf and finish the current season of The Amazing Race and then watch Eurovision in the evening. Now you either love or hate it, but we love it. It’s just so hilarious. Those Russian grannies were robbed. We were also big fans of Turkey who turned themselves into a boat with their capes! Awesome.
Sunday, I decided I wanted to do something different and give my awesome camera a day out so me and the bf headed to Chester Zoo. It was awesome and I took loads of photos. I will do a post dedicated to it next week with just the best photos I think. I love my camera! Even though we were both shattered by the end, I really had an awesome day with the bf 🙂 I love our days out. 
How was your week?

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