My week: 22 & 23

My week: 22 & 23
To make up for my lack of a my week post last week, I have turned today’s post into a 2 week edition. This also includes the bank holiday weekend where I drove back to Nottinghamshire to meet with the family. 





*Clearing out my room and found buttons!
*My new Primark maxi skirt and new look kitten heels.
*Umbrella illustration.
*The weather when it was actually still sunny. (Come back sun!)
*Took Woy for a cheeky car wash before seeing my parents.
*My outfit going to town with my mum.
*Going through my old things at home – this was on the contributors page of a magazine I interned for in Jordan. Yes that is only a wig!
*Forgot that I had left a Lush christmas bath bomb at home. Score!
*My desk at work – it is under there somewhere.
*My bicycle painting.
*Lunch at Las Iguanas with my mum and brother. I just loved the decor colours.
*Really pretty road on the way home which I turned into a print.
*This is apparently a shoe…
*Both my housemates cats asleep on my bed. So cute.
*Went to the pub yesterday to watch both matches for Euro 2012. I was really disappointed as they should have been exciting games.
*A bit of old school Cliff Richard on the TV before the match. 
So a busy couple of weeks. I had an awesome time at home. It was really great to see my family and even though I didn’t get the Tuesday off, I made the most of the three days I had. The only disappointment was that I didn’t get to do a car boot sale as it was chucking it down on the Sunday. I really wanted to both get rid of stuff and buy some things for my vintage shop. This was the car boot that I got some amazing things at last time so I wasn’t happy at all. I will definitely be heading back in August for the next bank holiday. I hope it’s sunny then!
This weekend was a great one since we finally found a house to move in at the end of this month. I was starting to get worried there. It was the first one of the day that we saw. Love at first sight. I couldn’t believe that it was the one I had been overlooking for the last couple of months. It’s beautiful and spacious and in an awesome area so I couldn’t be happier. Roll on the end of June!
How was your week?


  • em_lysk
    11th June 2012 at 7:46 am

    Thanks for your comment 🙂 I hope they don’t pronounce my name wrong at graduation 🙁 I haven’t been to a car boot sale in years but I really want to go to one because you can find some really good stuff, like you said.
    Are you staying in Manchester? I’m having housing troubles already, as I need to move out of my student house by the end of June, but the house we put a deposit on has a box room which no one wants! Doh! x

  • Nomad
    13th June 2012 at 7:33 pm

    I graduated a couple of years ago now and luckily they said it correctly at my masters graduation. I love Manchester so I’ve been staying as long as I can. I got a graduate job so am definitely sticking around now. That’s too bad about the box room. If you’re already stuck with the house then the only thing you can do is flip a coin or something? Thanks for stopping by 🙂 x


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